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Meet the Designer: Lucy Blaire

This week, meet Lucy Blaire! Lucy has a fun and compelling life story regarding the professional path that led up Lucy Blaire designs & patterns. She started off in Boston (U.S.A.) and is now living in New York with her husband and daughter. Keep reading to know more about Lucy and her life & work.


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Meet the Designer: Marina of Frocks & Frolics

This week, meet...Marina of Frocks & Frolics! Marina was trained as a tailor in a design studio, in Germany. She became a teacher of Product Design Textiles and teached for 6 years before started her own sewing pattern company. Frocks & Frolics has become a well loved pattern company in a short time. Keep reading to know more! 

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Meet the Designer: Marisa of Laela Jeyne Patterns

This week, meet Marisa of Laela Jeyne Patterns! Marisa is a mom of two girls who started drafting patterns in 2014. She aims to make patterns that will allow you to create well-fitting, practical, yet stylish pieces that be a go-to in yours and your family's closet. Keep reading to know more.

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