Meet the Designer: Lucy Blaire

This week, meet Lucy Blaire! Lucy has a fun and compelling life story regarding the professional path that led up Lucy Blaire designs & patterns. She started off in Boston (U.S.A.) and is now living in New York with her husband and daughter. Keep reading to know more about Lucy and her life & work.


August 14, 2017 by Sara Soares

Meet the Designer: Marina of Frocks & Frolics

This week, meet...Marina of Frocks & Frolics! Marina was trained as a tailor in a design studio, in Germany. She became a teacher of Product Design Textiles and teached for 6 years before started her own sewing pattern company. Frocks & Frolics has become a well loved pattern company in a short time. Keep reading to know more! 
August 07, 2017 by Sara Soares

Meet the Designer: Marisa of Laela Jeyne Patterns

This week, meet Marisa of Laela Jeyne Patterns! Marisa is a mom of two girls who started drafting patterns in 2014. She aims to make patterns that will allow you to create well-fitting, practical, yet stylish pieces that be a go-to in yours and your family's closet. Keep reading to know more.
July 31, 2017 by Sara Soares

Meet the Designer: Liesl of Elemeno Patterns

This week meet Liesl of Elemeno Patterns! Liesl is a Veterinarian by day and a pattern designer by night. She began drafting patterns while making clothing items for her little son and ended up deciding to offer them for sale. Elemeno Patterns are perfect for little boys and girls! Keep reading to know more.
July 24, 2017 by Sara Soares

Meet the Designer: Wendi of Shiny Happy World

Meet Wendi Gratz, the designer behind Shiny Happy World! Wendi designs the most adorable PDF quilt patterns. She worked over 20 years in the children's book industry and that left a mark on her, visible on Shiny Happy World's quilt designs - whimsy animals that seem to be telling a story out of a children's book. Keep reading to know more! 
July 17, 2017 by Sara Soares

Meet the Designer: Designs by Call Ajaire

This week meet the pattern designer behind Designs by Call Ajaire! Ajaire used to be a computer programmer before she became a stay-at-home-mom of a little girl. It was when Ajaire started to draft clothing patterns. No pattern is released until Ajaire feels it's an excellent product. Keep reading to know more! 

July 10, 2017 by Sara Soares

Introducing...the Grace Tankini! Brand New Pattern by Savvy Patterns

Savvy Patterns is releasing today a brand new pattern: the Grace Tankini. It's a vintage inspired two piece swimsuit with lots of options for both top and bottom pieces. This women's PDF sewing pattern is the ultimate feminine swimsuit. Feel confident and look classy!
July 03, 2017 by Sara Soares

Meet the Designer: Gabriela of Chalk and Notch

Meet Gabriela of Chalk and Notch! Gabriela worked several years as a professional pattern designer for other brands until she decided to work on her own patterns and turn them into PDF patterns. One of her goals is to offer designs that are fashionable and unique, and we say she is very good at it! All of Chalk and Notch patterns are best sellers in the PDF patterns community! Keep reading to know more.

July 03, 2017 by Sara Soares

Meet the Designer: Yvonne of Quilting Jetgirl

This week, meet Yvonne Fuchs of Quilting Jetgirl! Yvonne describes herself as "an intuitive introvert who is passionate about hometown and online quilting community", and believes that quilts can cover the world with care and love. And did you know that she used to be an aerospace engineer? Keep reading to know more! 
June 26, 2017 by Sara Soares

Meet the Designer: Melissa of Bella Sunshine Designs

Meet Melissa Prendergast, the designer behind Bella Sunshine Designs! Melissa wanted to be a fashion designer since she was a teenager. Fast forward several years, her dreams came true and Bella Sunshine Designs was born after Melissa became a mom of two beautiful girls! Keep reading to know more.

June 19, 2017 by Sara Soares
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