Being a Mom. Taking Care of Yourself.

Hi! Sara here! I'm back and I am taking over the blog today!

Mom, aka the female adult who stops taking care of herself once she starts having children. Specially if there is more than one tiny human being under her roof calling her name. Every 10 seconds. If you are a mom you know what I am talking about.

Before I had kids I used to spend a huge chunk of our family (couple) budget on clothing, shoes and accessories for myself. I loved shopping. I loved having all the nice high end clothes and shoes.

And then I became a mom.

You have been there too. Suddenly you look at your life and it seems like you have been pregnant and in post-partum for years. Your wardrobe is a mess. All your beautiful clothes don't fit anymore. 

Laurelhurst Cardigan, Cosette Top


When I started waking up to (my new life's) reality I had three kids under four and nothing to wear. I was in an urgent need of a new wardrobe!

But then a funny thing started to happen. Every time I went shopping for myself I would come home with... zero items for myself and one hundred items for my kids! After all they always come first, right mom? And besides, baby & toddler clothes are just the cutest! 

Fairport Pouch, Everyday Wallet, Retro Rucksack


After I had my third baby I decided to go back to sewing. It had always been a passion of mine that was hibernating since my early teenage years. (You know how it is. Sewing is not a popular activity among teenagers and I stopped sewing at the time.)

All of a sudden a whole new world was just there in front of me! I could sew for myself! I could make my own clothes. I could pick the fabrics I wanted. I could make clothes that fit me perfectly. I could finally start being creative again. I could actually use some of my time for myself! 

Biscayne Blouse, Ballard Top

Oh the empowerment feeling that comes from being able to sew your own clothes... My self esteem started to pick up. And I finally started taking care of myself (you know, wearing something else either than lounge pants and an ugly t-shirt...). And I can tell that my kids benefited from that. 

As moms we often forget that we are also a woman, a wife, a friend. A human being that deserves all the seen and unseen riches of this world. After all, moms are the greatest, smartest, most amazing, most powerful human beings and the biggest super heroes in the whole world. 

When you are a mom you have to take care of yourself too, not just your loved ones. When you sew for yourself you are taking care of yourself. And when you take care of yourself you smile more, you feel more empowered, you accomplish more things and you make them better. You are a better mom.

Paulina Top, Valencia Tunic

UpCraft Club has a special treat for moms and women who sew for themselves during this month. There is a daily sales deal on all women + bags patterns! Don't miss this chance to build up your pattern stash. Take the plunge and start sewing for yourself or keep growing your handmade wardrobe!

And if you need a last minute idea for a Mother's Day gift you might want to check this post with lots of ideas (and discounted patterns!).

Happy Mother's Day!

May 02, 2016 by Sara Soares
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