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Sanibel Dress & Romper, Senna Tote, Dover Jacket

These are today's deals for Me Made May'16! 

You are getting an amazing 25% discount on 3 women patterns every day during May! Make sure to check this blog every Wednesday and Sunday throughout this month so you won't miss a deal! Or, better yet, subscribe UpCraft Club's newsletter so you won't miss any of these sale deals and other fun stuff that is coming soon! (And we won't be saying anything else for now...)

Are you joining Me Made May 2016? Have you been able to wear a different outfit every day or are you wearing a few repeats? Maybe there is a piece you love, or something that is so comfortable that you end up using it several days in a row? We would like to know what is your favorite handmade garment! Please share it with us by tagging #upcraftclub and #MMMay16 on social media. We will be looking up for those gems! 

Don't miss the deals for the rest of this week! We love these patterns so much we are sure you will find a few more to add to your pattern stash! (Is your to-sew list as long as ours? We bet it is... If only days had 48 hours, right?)

Thursday, May 12th: Picnic Skirt, Crimson & Clover Train Cases, Branson Top.

Friday, May 13th: Birkin Flares, Retro Rucksack, Enid Fitted Sweater.

Saturday, May 14th: Bridgetown Dress & Tunic, Luna Top, Edelweiss Bag.


May 11, 2016 by Sara Soares
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Caitlin said:

I wear a lot of the same outfits. I have a collection of tops that I have made to wear for work and I have been swapping them in and out. I have managed so far to wear at least one ‘homemade’ outfit every day though some of them have been made by my grandma… does that count? I don’t have a large enough collection of handmade items as I only started sewing for myself about 9 mths ago.

I haven’t been taking photos but maybe next year I’ll have an even better collection to work from. I’m working on making one new piece every month but as uni starts up again I may not have the time.

UpCraft Club

UpCraft Club said:

Caitlin that is great! Of course it counts! Keep sewing and definitely take photos next year! :)

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