How to use the Layers Feature of PDF sewing patterns

One of our favorite features of modern PDF sewing patterns is the layered printing feature. Layers allow you to print only the size/sizes you wish to print, removing all other sizes and cutting lines, making it easier to trace or cut out your pattern.

To use this feature, make sure to open your PDF pattern in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Once you open the PDF pattern, look for the layers icon on the left hand side (it looks like squares stacked on top of each other). This will open a drop down menu with layers for each size. You can click on the "eyeball" to select the size/sizes you wish to print.

Note: There may be some locked layers or layers marked as "do not uncheck". These layers contain text and guides needed for all sizes so make sure these layers stay visible.

using the layers feature of modern PDF sewing patterns

When printing make sure your printer is set to: Print at 100%,  Actual size or No scaling. 

Before printing all pages, first print the page that includes the test square, measure with a ruler, making sure your printer settings are correct. This is usually on the first page of your tiled pattern but your pattern will indicate which page to print. Then you are ready to print your PDF pattern.

We think you will love this layered printing feature!

June 13, 2016 by UpCraft Club
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Laurie said:

Hi, the layered function is really great; however,I think to select a size you have to click the eyeball to deselect all of the sizes you don’t want to show. Selecting the eyeball will eliminate the sizes.
Great function though.

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