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This is Daniela's first post on the UpCraft Club blog. Let's give her a warm welcome!

Hello everyone, I am Daniela and I blog at On the Cutting Floor. I am happy to present my first contribution to Upcraft Club!

Bag 5

This is a fringe suede bag to bring that 70's vibe to the present. I am completely in love with the way it turned out. The cream color faux suede makes it look modern and minimalistic, while the fringe makes it fun and trendy.  

Pattern file: The pattern comes in a PDF file. A4 and letter format. You can get the pattern here. You can always visit me at and leave your comments.  


  • 1/2 yard of faux suede 1/4 yard of quilting cotton for the lining and pocket. (coordinating fabric for the pocket is optional)
  • 1/4 yard of interfacing
  • Heavy duty thread on a contrasting color
  • 10 7/16'' (11 mm) grommets (brass color)
  • scissors
  • 1 snap tool
  • 1 small hammer Pins    

Tutorial: Start by preparing the lining pieces.

1. Iron the interface to each of the lining pieces.

2. The fringe: Start cutting the fringe pieces lengthwise with 3/8 width for each one.

bag tutorial 2  

Set aside.  

3. Place the two pieces of pocket together, right sides facing and sew along the sides, top and bottom. Remember to leave a 4'' opening on the top.  

bag tutorial 4  

4. Trim the excess fabric and cut the corners.

bag tutorial 9          

5. Turn the pocket to the right side and press flat.

bag tutorial 8  

6. Pin the pocket to the lining. Sew along the sides and bottom.

bag tutorial 10  

7. Add the facing of the bag (it will be the upper part of the bag). Pin and sew lengthwise. Please note: I used the wrong pins for the project. It has left a few holes on it, that you might not want in your own bag. Sorry for the confusion.

bag tutorial 12    

8. Top stitch the facing to the lining.

  bag tutorial 14    

Repeat with the other piece of lining and facing.

9. Now, place the two pieces of lining together, right sides facing, and sew along the sides.  

bag tutorial 15  

11. Add the bottom lining piece. Pin and sew along.  

bag tutorial 16  

12. This is how it will look. Trim the excess fabric.  

bag tutorial 17  

13. Then, cut on the corners diagonally.  

bag tutorial 18  

14. Turn the lining to the right side.

bag tutorial 19  

Main bag: Start by repeating step 7 and 8: Place the upper bag piece to the main bag piece. Sew along and top stitch.

15. Place the fringe piece between the two main bag pieces. Sew along.  

bag tutorial 21  

16. Add the bottom of the bag to the main body. Remember cutting the corners of it, so it will be easier to turn the bag to the right side.

bag tutorial 23  

17. Turn the bag to the right side. By now, you deserve a hug :) Your bag is almost ready!!!  

bag tutorial 24  

18. Place the lining and the main bag together, right sides facing. Sew long the top. Remember to leave 4'' opening so you can turn the bag to the right side after.

bag tutorial 25  

19. Start pulling the inside of the bag out.

bag tutorial 26  

20. Keep doing this until you see the lining and the main body completely on the right side. You will see the 4'' opening now.

bag tutorial 27  

Close the opening carefully and top stitch the bag.  

Adding the grommets  

21. Draw a circle with the grommets size. Cut carefully. I recommend cutting one side of the bag at a time. For this bag I placed 10 grommets: 4 on the back and 6 at the front.

  bag tutorial 28  

22. Insert the outer grommet to the right side of the bag.  

bag tutorial 29  

23. Insert the inner side of the grommet to the lining part.  

bag tutorial 30  

24. Grab the snap tool and the hammer.  

bag tutorial 31  

25. Place the snap tool on the top of the inner side of the grommet. Use a hard surface for this. Hammer until both sides of the grommet are attached to each other.

  bag tutorial 32  

Repeat with the other grommets

Bag rope:   26. Fold the sides of the rop and sew along.  

bag tutorial 33  

27. Press the fabric in the middle. Then, open and fold again, this time turning the edge to the middle.

  bag tutorial 34  

28. After that, fold the fabric in the middle again and sew along the bottom and the sides.  

Shoulder strap: 29. Finally, add the main strap to the bag and follow the stitching marks of the pattern attach it to the bag.

bag 4  

And that is the bag. I hope you enjoy the pattern and tutorial as much as I have! Fringe Bag PinterestWe'd love to see your bags! Tag us on instagram @UpCraftClub and show off what you've made! #diyfringebag


August 23, 2015 by UpCraft Club
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Alaska said:

Beautifully said. Beautifully done!


Judy said:

The item is in my cart. How do I get it so I can see the pattern pieces. It shows how to assemble it, but it doesn’t give the actual pattern for the pieces that you sew together to make the bag. I really do need help.

UpCraft Club

UpCraft Club said:

Judy, we just emailed you with details on how to get the pattern. The link to the free pattern to download is near the top of this post. Once you get it, just follow the tutorial. We’d love to see your finished bag!!


Pam said:

I can’t access the pattern either, but sure would like to!! Can you help?

UpCraft Club

UpCraft Club said:

Pam, the pattern is available here:
Simply add the pattern to your cart, check out, print the pattern pieces and use the tutorial in this post to put it all together. Enjoy!


josephine said:

come faccio ad avere il cartamodello una volta aggiunto il tutorial l carrello?grazie


Gail said:

Finished the bag and just love it. Only comment is that the pattern shows to cut 2 of top of bag and two of top lining. I noticed in the picture that the top of the lining is actually the bag fabric. It should show an option to cut 4 of main fabric bag top and no lining top. It looks much nicer with same as bag. Also, my pocket is much smaller according to the pattern than the one shown in the bag pic. My next one will have a larger pocket as well. I cut lining and made the handle two sided, one with lining and one with main fabric. Already have someone wanting to buy one. A really great pattern and the second will be easier. Thank you so much for the pattern


BJ said:

I can’t seem to be able to get the pattern.


Jacqi said:

The link to the pattern 404’s and the photos don’t show up. Is it just me?

Judy ochoa

Judy ochoa said:

I can’t get the pattern. Please email to me. Thanks


Eileen said:

Unable to locate download for pattern. Please e mail me the pattern. Thank you!


Eileen said:

i am new to bag making .Is it possible to send the entire tutorial with the accompanied pictures as indicated by bag tutorial #2.5, 8,9, etc along with the pattern?


Eileen said:

i am new to bag making .Is it possible to send the entire tutorial with the accompanied pictures as indicated by bag tutorial #2.5, 8,9, etc along with the pattern?


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phoebeto69 said:

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ymt said:

The link to download the fringe bag pattern shows “404 page not found.” Is the pattern still available? Would love to have it.

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