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Hello All! Rebecca here from Finn's Door. Today I am excited to share with you another of So Sew Easy's great patterns, The On Safari Skirt. This flattering skirt is a fairly quick sew and no worries if you haven't experienced some of the techniques because through out the pattern there are links for all the steps involved. So Sew Easy makes it...well, easy! With over 20 pages of a well written tutorial featuring step-by-step pictures and access to video links for professionally finished seams, zipper and an overview of the whole skirt step-by-step. This pattern opens up a wealth of customizing options. With a separate bottom panel and top slanted panels I see lots of color blocking options! The On Safari Skirt features:

  • Front fly zipper
  • Lowered waist
  • flat felled seams
  • knee-length with shorten or lengthen options
  • great seam details (the inside finishes as beautifully as the out, without a serger!)
  • optional belt loops

This pattern will allow you to sew a new skirt that will have people guessing where you bought it! I decided to alter the pockets a bit and produce an accent piece. I am very pleased with the result. Here's my version.

2015-08-23 17.49.54

Here's a quick how to: You'll need just a few things to get started:

  • extra wide double fold bias tape
  • lining/pocket material
  • exterior material
  • your usual sewing stuff
  • scrap of interfacing, mid weight

(I decided to add this feature on the outside but you can easily incorporate it directly into the skirt body.) First measure the width and length of your accent pocket. Mine measures 6"x12" Cut 1 lining and 1 accent fabrics to match your measurements. Cut 1 lining piece 1/2 the length of you other pieces subtract 1/2" from the width, this will form you actual pocket. **if you are not making the accent as long as my version make sure you cut the pocket piece with enough depth to hold your items** Cut 2 pieces of bias tape to match the width of your exterior piece. Iron interfacing to wrong side of exterior fabric at the spot you want your pocket opening.

Interfacing on wrong side of accent fabric

The image above shows interfacing on the wrong side of accent fabric.

Flip exterior fabric to right side and line up bias tape parallel to each other, with the open side of tape pieces touching. Pin in place. Make sure you have the tape centered on the stabilizer. You will be sewing bias tape in the center of each piece. Start and stop at the exact same points on each piece. You may want to mark these lines.

Place tape on right side of fabric.

Place tape on right side of fabric. Sew along your tape, making sure to back tack at start and stop points.


Flip fabric to wrong side and mark your cutting line. This will be inbetween the 2 tape pieces. You will cut through accent fabric only, stopping about 3/4" from the end of stitching. At this point cut at an angle to form a V, cut through fabric and tape . Cut to the stitch lines but not through. Repeat for both ends.

fabric has been cut, with large points at each end.

Now flip your tape to the wrong side. The "V" that you cut before will easily flip and pivot as you push them to the other side.

See the pivot point? It flips easily!

See the pivot point? It flips easily! Once you have flipped each piece, smooth and press from the right side of fabric.

Flipped and pressed.

Now you need to sew the triangle to the tape. Head to your machine and pull back the accent fabric. You do not want to sew over this. Sew as close to the fold as you can, the closer you sew the smoother the ends!

Sew close but don't catch the accent fabric

Sew close but don't catch the accent fabric. Now just line the short ends of the pocket lining with the raw edges of you pocket opening and sew across.

This shows the top of the pocket piece with the top of your pocket opening.

This image above shows the top of the pocket piece with the top of your pocket opening. Just sew up the sides of your pocket and the hard part is done!

Sew up the 2 open side of pocket lining.

Now the pocket is yours to do with as you wish. I placed mine right sides together with my lining piece and sewed open sides and top with a 1/4' SA. Clip corners, turn right side out and press. I attached the whole piece to the front of my skirt and top stitched the sides and top. The end needed a bit of trimming and all raw edges were hidden as I turned them when I hemmed the skirt. I hope you enjoyed this how to and be sure to share your creations. Whether you alter the pattern or not you'll have an impressive, stylish skirt when you finish! Thanks for hanging out!


We want to see your On Safari Skirt! Get the pattern now and then tag us on Instagram @UpCraftClub. #onsafariskirt

August 29, 2015 by UpCraft Club
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this is really cute…thanks for the tutorial

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