Baby Shower Gift Idea: the Lua Sleepsack

Hi! This is Emily from Lady and The Gents. When I get a baby shower invite in the mail I get a little giddy!  My brain immediately starts going into overdrive thinking of all the amazing creations I can make a new little bundle of joy!  

I love making items that I loved for my own kiddos.  Burp cloths are a must have and my go-to gift, but I really needed another item in my baby arsenal.  That's when I saw the Lua Sleep Sack from Straight Grain and knew I had to try this pattern out.

Before we even talk about sewing this up, let's talk about printing.  I printed and assembled this one night.  The next morning I decided I wanted to sew it up, and remembered I hadn't measured my 1 inch squares.  Thank goodness I took a look because every single one was off!

I re-read through the instructions and realized I missed a crucial point!  When printing, this pattern needs to be at 100%, not actual size or fit to page, or any of those other options.  Once I checked the correct box and reprinted, everything was perfect!  It just goes to show how important reading and measuring are!  


So everything is ready to sew!  I decided to leave out the batting on this one, even though I had some on hand.  I wanted this to be a lightweight sleep sack.

The construction of this pattern is wonderful and the instructions are extremely well written.  I didn't have a single issue with sewing this!

The pattern includes the option of piping or no piping.  Since this was a gift and I wanted it to look really nice, I went with the piping.

The invisible zipper was so easy to put in, although I actually like putting in zips, much more than buttonholes!  Those always give me a little anxiety!

The buttonholes aren't bad either, and I really like that the pattern pieces have the placement for both the buttonholes and the buttons!  I decided on these sweet rounded grey buttons.  They are perfect for a baby.  The tutorial includes a really great section on sewing the buttons to make them strong so they aren't a choking hazard!

This sleep sack is fully lined and is just as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.  I love when a garment has no exposed seams!

This is a pattern I will be making for every parent-to-be I know!  I really like that it includes sizes from 0 (newborn) - 2 years!  I am tempted to make one for my petite little lady!  Maybe I will attempt to hack this pattern and make foot holes for her since she is 3!  

Thanks for reading and happy sewing!

We'd love to see your version of the Lua Sleep Sack! Tag us on Instagram @UpCraftClub. #luasleepsack

September 03, 2015 by UpCraft Club
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Hilary said:

This is super cute! I just found out that my sister-in-law is pregnant so I need to put this on my to-do list!

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