Sew the Trend: Faux Fur Cuffs

Faux Fur Cuff Tutorial by Pienkel for UpCraft Club


As I told you in my previous post, I've picked up my old hobby of going through catwalk reports for inspiration. Many ideas are way too far-fetched for a busy mom of three, living on a tiny island where even heels are often just plain impossible to wear, since there's sand and mud everywhere. But some tiny slivers of inspiration can be incorporated in my selfish sewing nevertheless. So, after my geometric inspired Union St Tee, I used another Hey June pattern as a backdrop for this one: faux fur cuffs! My runway inspiration was found at the site of ELLE, where coats and tunics were adorned with fur cuffs and sleeves. The entire fur sleeves were a bit too much for me, but I decided to write you a tutorial on how to add faux fur cuffs to sleeves.

Faux Fur Cuffs Tutorial by Pienkel for UpCraft Club

Aurora Tee

The Aurora Tee is a basic but versatile pattern, with dropped shoulders and long sleeves. The pattern has an option to insert fun contrasting side panels as well, an option I definitely want to try out when I'm not already wearing long fuzzy fur on my sleeves. I sewed the top in a basic black knit. I'm pretty much monochromatic, I hardly ever wear anything besides black. Maybe some grey or blue every now and then, but that's about it. I sewed a size M, according to the chart and made a few changes to the neckline: I made the scoop neck deeper at the front and omitted the facings. Instead I just hemmed.



  • All requirements for the Aurora Tee.
  • Faux Fur, the amount depends on how long you want your cuffs to be, but it's just a little bit. Since the Aurora Top is a knit top, the faux fur should have a little stretch as well. However, since most faux fur has a knit basis for the hairs, this is no problem.
  • Knit fabric, I used the same as used for the rest of the top, to use as a lining for the cuffs. You should be able to use the yardage of the pattern for those, but of course you can use any other fabric as well, as long as the stretch is suitable.
  • Usual sewing supplies, such as pins and thread.
  • Usual drawing supplies to change the pattern: some paper and pen, pencil or marker
Fur Cuff 
Tutorial by Pienkel for UpCraft Club
1. Print and tape the pattern. Cut out the pattern pieces from fabric as instructed, except the sleeves. On the pattern piece for the sleeves, mark some guidelines, as can be seen in the pics above and below. First, the dotted red line. Since the pattern comes with a hem allowance of 1/2" at the sleeve hem, before deciding on where you'll draw a line to make your cuff, you need to visualise where the actual sleeve - as opposed to the hem allowance - ends. So the dotted red line is where the actual sleeve ends. The solid red line is where I want my fur cuff to start. So the cuff will have the length from the dotted red line to the solid red line. To sew the cuffs, you'll need seam allowance. Staying in line with the rest of the pattern, I made the seam allowance for the cuff 1/4", drawn with the green lines. To sew the cuff to the sleeve, you'll need a seam allowance as well, that's the blue line.
Fur Cuff Tutorial by Pienkel for UpCraft Club
2. Trace the pattern piece for the cuff, along the green lines, on a new piece of paper. Cut off the pattern piece for the sleeve at the blue line.
Fur Cuff Tutorial by Pienkel for UpCraft Club
3. Cut your pieces from fabric. The sleeves as instructed in the pattern, but using your shortened pattern piece. Sew the shirt as instructed, but omit the sleeve hem. For the cuffs, cut two on fold of fur and two on fold of lining. Place the fur and the lining on top of each other, right sides together, and sew along the shortest of the two long sides, the top side on the photo above, so the side that will be the hem of the sleeve eventually. Use the seam allowance of 1/4" that you drew in. Fold open after sewing.
Fur Cuff Tutorial by Pienkel for UpCraft Club
4. Now fold in half the other way, right sides together, matching up the seam you just made in step 3. Sew along the long side, that consists half of lining, half of fur.
Fur Cuff Tutorial by Pienkel for UpCraft Club
5. Turn right side out. Now fold the lining into the fur part, matching up the raw edges. It should look like a separate cuff now. Since the stretch of fur might differ from the stretch needed in the pattern, do check if the cuffs fit over your hand and are comfortable around the wrist now, before attaching them to the sleeve.
Fur Cuff Tutorial by Pienkel for UpCraft Club
6. Having the shirt right side out and the cuff wrong side out, place the cuff at the end of the sleeve, around the sleeve. Make sure the raw edge of the sleeve and the raw, open, edge of the cuff are aligned. Match up the seams on cuff and sleeve. You'll need to stretch the cuff a bit to neatly place it around the sleeve. Pin and sew into place, with your 1/4" seam allowance. It works easiest when you place the presser foot of your machine inside the sleeve to sew, just like the instructions on hemming the sleeve of the Aurora Top tell you to do. Flip the cuff over so that everything is right side out.
Fur Cuff Tutorial by Pienkel for UpCraft Club
And you're done! Would you wear such an item? If so, I'd love to see your creations! Get in touch via the comments, or on any of the social media. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and of course on my blog.
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September 04, 2015 by UpCraft Club
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