Sewing for Halloween: Make a Bat Zipper Bag

Hello All! Rebecca here from Finn's Door. Today I am excited to be sharing with you a very cool little Halloween treat that won't cause any cavities!

Introducing The Bat Bag


I have always had a love for zip bags. They come in so handy, especially when you have little ones, and I happen to have 4!! Well a few aren't so little anymore but they still need lots of stuff. These bags are great for hauling all that needed stuff. Mine and theirs.

Bat Bag Finn's Door

They make great gifts too!!

This pattern sews up super quick and the skill level is beginner. If you don't know how to install a zipper, no worries I will walk you through it and there are also tons of tutorials on YouTube should you need another visual.
Here we go!
Most of the list pictured here.



  • Fabric for exterior- quilting cotton or denim
  • Fabric for lining- quilting cotton is perfect
    • 1/4 yard of each
  • small piece of material for bat, I used oiled denim
  • 12" standard zipper, or longer, you can trim it down
  • fusible fleece 1/4 yard, if using a heavy material use a mid weight stabilizer
  • hand sewing needle
  • embroidery floss
  • fabric glue or a glue stick
  • standard sewing supplies
  • buttons for eyes (optional)
  • 1" O ring
Seam Allowance is 1/4' throughout
You will need to cut a few rectangles for the body of the zip bag and the strap (the strap is optional) I like to draw my pattern out on cardstock and cut using rotary my cutter. You can also simply mark your cut lines on the wrong side of your fabric.
You'll need to cut:
  • 8 1/2' X 12 1/2"
  • 2- exterior fabric
  • 2- lining fabric
  • 2- fusible fleece (if using a thicker fabric use a medium weight interfacing)
  • 1- 4" x 18" for wrist strap (optional) from exterior or other fabric

pattern for Bat Bag pattern for Bat Bag

Print off bat template at 100% and cut out. I like to glue my templates to cardstock, this will make it easier to trace. Trace your bat onto the wrong side of fabric. I used a thick material so I did not need to use a stabilizer. If you choose to use quilting fabric you will need to use a fusible web designed for applique. 

Bat Bag

Trace your bat.

Using your glue stick (or applique fusible) adhere your bat to one of your main body pieces. You can place it anywhere you like but remember to leave it out of your seam allowance. I chose to hand stitch my bats to the bag body but feel free to be creative here and use your favorite stitch.

Bat Bag My shiny bat!!

I did a running stitch with 3 strands of embroidery floss. Through the thick material it's a bit tough so have a thimble handy to help push your needle. To make your handles, take your 4"x18" piece and if using quilting cotton pair it with some mid-weight stabilizer, fused to the wrong side of the fabric. Press your piece in half, open. Press the long sides to the middle, refold and press again.

press in half

press in half

image fold edges to middle and press

Topstitch both long edges using a longer stitch length and as close to the edge as you like.


You will cut 3" off your strap for the ring tab.

Bat Bag wrist strap

Fold tab through your ring and stitch to secure as close to the ring as possible.

Bat Bag ring tab

Take your other strap piece and fold it through the ring. Matching raw ends right sides together stitch about 1/2" from end.

Bat Bag

Notice I had to use a wedge to get my foot to sit level!
Flip strap so that the raw edges are to the inside and press strap together.

Bat Bag strap instructions

Stitch in the ditch to secure. Set aside.

Bat Bag strap complete

Assemble your bag. Lay your exterior (with the bat) face up and place your zipper face down along the top raw edge. I like my zip to close on the side of the strap so make sure your closed zip head is in the top right corner of your bag face.

bat Bag zipper install

Take one of your lining pieces and center it right side down on the zipper tape. Make sure your top raw edges and your tape are lined up and clip in place. I almost always use binding clips when sewing a zipper. I find they don't warp the zipper tape and they are very easy to take off when you sew up to them.

bat bag zipper install

Switch to a zipper foot on your machine and sew your seam close to the zipper teeth. Repeat for the remaining 2 pieces. You'll make the same "zipper sandwich." Open your pieces and smooth them together, wrong sides touching. Topstitch 1/8" along the top near the zipper.

bat bag top stitch

Open up your zipper at least 1/2 way!!! Notice all the !!! ? Not saying I've done it but it has been done, if you sew with your zip closed you will not be happy. Open up fabric pieces and place each outer together with right sides touching, and lining with right sides touching. Make sure the teeth of your zipper are bent toward the lining fabric.

Clip or pin around the entire bag, leaving a 4-5" opening on one side of lining. If you are adding a handle place it between the outer layers at this time. You'll want to leave the tail end poking out a bit, pin in place.

Bat Bag strap installBat Bag

I use the double pins to remind me not to sew the opening closed!

Sew all the way around, backstitch at beginning and end. Clip corners and turn bag right side out through opening in lining. Poke out your corners for a nice finish. Turn in the opening you left for turning and top stitch to close the hole.

Bat Bag

Thanks to my model for his Halloween expression!

And you're all done! Great job! Now go out and show off your cool new Halloween zip bag or give it to your favorite little ghoul or boo. I also have played around with the printing scale of the bag and printed at 75% makes a very cute small bat. I am seeing lots of use for this free template this Halloween season. Thanks for hanging out!

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