Sewing Tutorial: Make a Fabric Deer Head (or Rudolph)

We are so excited to share a FREE pattern with you for an adorable fabric deer head. The post was originally published on the Charming Doodle blog and now it lives here on UpCraft Club. Elisa created this pattern after llllllllooooootttttttsssssss of trial and error...and now we get to share it with YOU!

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We're seriously in love with how this flowered deer head turned out. But Elisa also made a Rudolph version with a brown scheme. Which do you like best? Want to make one too?? (And fyi...the pattern will make a 22 inch deer from the tip of the antlers to the base of the neck. Click here for a quick tutorial on how to scale it down to make a smaller deer to hang on a Christmas tree.)

Materials Needed:
Fabric for the head and antlers (any woven fabric should work - you'll need about 1/2 yard total)
Stuffing (I used polyester fiberfill)
Felt for the ears
Raffia wrapped floral wire (I found Ashland Stem Wire at Michael's but you could use any stiff wire or even cut up a wire coat hanger)
Buttons for eyes (optional)
Red pom for a Rudolph nose (optional)
Sewing Machine
Pattern (Download it by 'buying it' for free from the UpCraft Club shop here - and of course check out the other great patterns we have as well!)

Get the pattern from the shop. Print it and tape together matching the 'a' symbols. Then cut out the pattern pieces and follow the directions on each pattern piece to cut the correct number of fabric pieces. (be sure to transfer the antler marks to your fabric)

Place one antler piece right sides together with the middle head fabric, lining up the antler with the marks. Sew using a 1/4" seam allowance.

Sew the other antler right sides together onto the opposite side of the middle head piece in the same manner as above. (Note: be sure to double check that the antlers will be facing the way you want them.)

Take another antler pattern piece and sew it right sides together with one of the main head fabric pieces using a 1/4" seam allowance and aligning the antler within the placement marks. (Note: double check the direction your antlers are facing again)

Repeat with the other side of the head and the remaining antler piece.

Fold the ear pieces in half and place the right sides together with the opening of the ear pointed toward the nose. Tuck the ear piece slightly under the antler fabric and sew with 1/4" seam allowance.

Repeat with the other ear.

You now have the following pieces ready to be put together.

Take the middle head piece and place it right sides together with one of the main head pieces, matching the antlers. Sew together with a  1/4" seam allowance, pivoting when you get to the antlers and continue to sew around them. Pivot again when you get back to the main head and continue sewing. (Note: take care to curve the middle head panel around the nose without stretching it.) Stop sewing when you get to the neck of the deer.

Repeat with the other main head piece to attach it to the middle panel. This time, when you get to the neck continue sewing all the way to the lower edge of the neck (leaving the back open).

Turn the deer head right side out and stuff the antlers tightly with fiberfill.

Carefully feed one wire into the tip of each antlers. Let the ends of the wire stick through the back of the deer. This wire is what you will use to hang your deer on the wall when it's finished.

Continue stuffing the deer nose and upper part of the head between the antlers.

Attach the back piece before the rest of the head is stuffed by placing the back piece right sides together on one of the back sides. Sew with 1/4" seam allowance. Keep turning the back piece as you sew. You're basically turning the neck inside out and won't be able to sew the entire way. Stop sewing when you get to the flat part of the upper back (where the wires are hanging out).

Flip the neck right side out and stuff the rest of the deer head.

Add button eyes and a pom nose if you want to make a Rudolph.

Hand stitch the back opening if you'd like. Then hang your deer head by twisting the wire in the back around a nail on your wall.

Thanks for stopping by to view this tutorial. If you make a deer head or a Rudolph we would LOVE to see it! Please share it with us on facebook or Instagram. #upcraftclub
September 22, 2015 by UpCraft Club
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mick bead

mick bead said:

This is so adorable! Thank you for sharing the pattern!

Cynthia O'Brien

Cynthia O'Brien said:

This is so cute. So many fabric combinations can be used. Thank you for the clear tutorial.

Jackie Kittle

Jackie Kittle said:

I so needed this! Thank you so much!


teresa said:

thank you for sharing this pattern. i will be making this for my grandson. he shot his first deer this season.


Eileen said:

cant wait to make this for my new cabin guest room. Fun!


Chris said:

Has this pattern download expired please? I don’t seem to be able to access the pattern.



Belen said:

Me interesa el patrón del venado


Lesley said:

Thank you for sharing, with easy to follow instructions , tried to post my pic of my make but unable to, so once again thanks x


Jen said:

Brilliant just what I have been looking for!

Beth Jones

Beth Jones said:

I have been searching for a pattern like this. Thank you. Fortunately it will be appreciated by all my children and grandchildren at Xmas, even though no animals will be hurt or killed during this proocess

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