No Sew Project: DIY a Fabric Necklace

Free Fabric Necklace Tutorial


Hello there! Thank you for stopping by today. I am Daniela from On the Cutting Floor. I am thrilled to present my new tutorial on how to make a fabric necklace. It is a great scrap buster and a cool project to make with young girls.


  • 1 5'' X 5'' piece of fabric 6 pieces of straps
  • 2 1'' 1/2 X 17''
  • 2 1'' 1/2 X 13''
  • 2 1'' 1/2 x 21''
  • glue gun
  • 1/8 yard of double folded bias tape  


  1. Cut the straps
  2. Fold the first strap in half.  
3. Add some glue to one of the corners and fold.
4. Start folding the fabric as shown below. Add some glue to the flower every 1/2 inch to keep it all together nicely.
5. When finish the first strap, fold the last part in and glue it on the bottom.
5. After creating all your flowers, start arranging them to see how they would look great on your necklace.
6. Then, glue the first flower to a piece of fabric.
7. Glue the rest of the flowers to the fabric.
  7. Now, cut the excess fabric. Check front and back to see that no extra fabric is showing on the sides of your necklace.
8. Finally, cut the double folded bias tape to the back of the flower necklace.
  Now it is ready.   Very easy to make and lots of fun!  
free necklace tutorial

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and remember to visit me at On the Cutting Floor :)

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September 27, 2015 by UpCraft Club
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