Sewing Tutorial: Add a Cuff to Leggings

Have you ever needed to extend the length on a pair of leggings? Or wanted a quick and easy way to hem them? I (Linda) will show you how to add a simple cuff to the bottom of any pair of leggings. For my leggings I started with the

Dressage Leggings pattern from Jennuine Designs. These are a fantastic pair of leggings with excellent fit. I wanted to add a cuff to the bottom of the leggings for a couple of reasons: I wanted them to be a bit longer, plus I like to hem my knits with a cuff rather than a turned under hem.

While my daughter fit into the hip size of the size 12 Dressage Leggings, her legs were just a bit long for the leggings. I do realize I could have added some length to the bottom, but I opted for a quick and easy cuff. It's easier and faster than hemming. Plus it also gives a different look to the leggings. This is a great way to extend the life of any leggings that your child may be outgrowing. You could add contrast fabric or even some stretch lace to the bottom using this method.

If you are making the Dressage Leggings with the side panels, go ahead and sew the panels to the main parts of the leggings. Otherwise if you are making the regular leggings without the panels, you would do this step before sewing the inseam together.
Lay out your leggings and measure the width of the leggings at the bottom of the legs. For size 12, my finished measurement is at 9.25 inches.

I decided that I wanted my cuff to be 2 inches wide after it was attached to the leggings. Using this measurement, I cut a strip of fabric measuring 9.25 inches wide by 5 inches high. When you cut the cuff, you want the greatest stretch going across the width.

How did I come up with 5 inches for the width? I wanted the finished cuff to be 2 inches tall, so I simply doubled that and added an extra inch to account for a half inch seam allowance. This can be totally customized depending on the finished width of the cuff that you want.

If you want the cuff to be a specific height when finished, then you simply double the finished height that you desire and add an inch to allow for the seam allowances.

Fold the cuff piece in half, matching the long edges together. Press well.
Lay the cuff on the bottom of the legs matching the raw edges.
Sew the raw edges together using a half inch seam allowance. 
Press the seam allowances towards the pant leg. Repeat for the other leg. Finish sewing the leggings following the instructions given in the pattern. 
I like to add a small tack to the bottom of the cuff to secure the seam allowance to the pant legs, but that is totally optional.

And there you have your finished leggings with a cuff added to the bottom. You could use this technique to add a cuff to any leggings that you may be making. Or you could add a cuff to the sleeve hem of a shirt, or even to finish the bottom hem of a shirt or skirt.
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October 02, 2015 by UpCraft Club
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