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Hello everyone!!! I'm so happy to be part of the UpCraft Club team. My name is Maria and I have little blog called My Cozy Co. The inspiration for today's tutorial comes from a set of table clothes my mom inherited from my great grandmother and I liked a lot. They actually were handmade in a loom, probably in Guatemala. The colours were fantastic and bright, you could see different textile fibers interlaced with the main fabric, but also the edges had this particular finish where the threads are loose (without hem). For this table decoration we are not using a loom, instead we are going to manipulate the fabric in order to create a similar look. It is a very simple project, that I hope you will enjoy.

Materials Needed:

  • Woven Fabric (Natural fibers like linen or cotton. If you would like to leave it plain, Shot cotton or any cotton/linen blend that have two colour of threads would be a nice choice.)
  • Blunt needle
  • Embroidery floss, ribbons, wool or any fiber you would like to use.
  • Basic sewing supplies


Step 1 Calculate the measurement of your table runner. To do this, you have to measure your table. Then you have to cut your fabric taking into account the following: W=1/3 of the width of the table + 1 Inch (for edge finish) L= length of the table + 6 or 10 inches (depending on your taste) Also it is fine to choose to make it shorter than the length of the table, in this case will not droop in the sides.

Step 2 Cut the fabric according with the measurements you calculate in Step 1. Check that all the sides are straight.


Step 3 With a tailor’s chalk or fabric marker, mark the lines that will create the design you want on your fabric, be creative!


Step 4 With the help of a pin or flat needle, start pulling out the threads of your fabric following the lines you marked on the Step 3. You pull the threads horizontally or/and vertically.

Table-Runner3 Table-Runner6

Step 5 To finish the edges of the table runner pull some threads from each of the borders.


If you need, trim the excess.


Note: If you would like your table runner plain, that means, only showing the contrast of the fabric threads, you don't need to do anything else.

Step 6 To add colour to your table runner, weave wool, felt, ribbon or fabric in each or some of the spaces you have created in the previous step. You do this with the help of a blunt needle.

Table-Runner9 Table-Runner10a

Step 6 To secure the edges, sew around with a straight stitch.


Note: If you don’t like the fringe, it is possible to make a small hem. Do this folding ¾ Inch and then another, sew with straight stitch. Also add bias binding to the edges would be a nice touch. You have finished! Now admire and enjoy your new creation!

Table-Runner view

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October 03, 2015 by UpCraft Club
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Steve said:

Very imaginative idea for a really great looking table runner, or for perhaps many other applications. But simple enough to make at home with this well put together tutorial.

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