Sewing Tutorial: Fun House Window Quilt Block

Hello All! I'm happy to be hanging out with you today! I'm here to share with you my very first (me created) foundation pieced quilt block! This is a simple beginner foundation block that has so many possible uses. This easy to piece block uses large scraps and just a few shapes to produce a dizzying effect. They are so quick to sew too.

Introducing the Fun House Window Quilt Block

Play with different position in this block to come up with tons of designs!


Play with different position in this block to come up with tons of designs!

I'll be walking you through this block plus a full tutorial that can be used to make a great wall hanging, table runner, or anything else you can dream up! Are you ready to take on a very simple beginner block using a super easy method? There are tons of methods and tutorials out there that use the technique of foundation paper piecing, this is how I did my blocks and I love the simplicity.

This project goes super quick and can be customized in many ways. Here we go...


  • scraps of fabric approx 5" each or larger black or dark fabric for sashing, border, binding, and backing
  • 2 yards 44" wide quilting cotton standard quilting tools and supplies printed pattern page for the Fun House Window Quilt Block 

1.Print out 4 copies of the Fun House Window block and cut out. Print at 100% or no scaling. Block will measure 6.5" throw size quilt batting of your choice. You'll cut on the outer most line of the pattern.

2. Pair up 4 scrap pieces with each of you templates. Press your scraps with a bit of starch, this will make for easy handling.

Fun House Window Block 4

Yes, as you can see from the picture my scrap pieces are super jumbo.

If you are new to foundation piecing you'll want to have larger pieces to work with so you can avoid the dreaded seam ripper at all costs! I love to grab larger pieces to make this process all the quicker.

3. Taking one pattern piece at a time place your first scrap on the wrong side of the template. Place wrong side of fabric to wrong side of template. Make sure it covers the #1 section completely and extends at least 1/4" around. Place your second scrap right sides together with your first and pin in place.

Fun House Window Block 5

4. Flip unit so the printed side is up. Sew on line between section #1 and #2. Sew with a very small stitch length, I used 1.5 for mine. This will help with the removal of the paper at the end. You'll want to start in the seam allowance at the top but end precisely on the dot at the point.

Fun House Window Block 6

5. Open your fabric pieces and press.

Fun House Window Block 7

6. Flip unit again and fold your paper back at the line between #2 and #3. Using a ruler and rotary cutter trim your fabric to 1/4" from the folded paper. You can also trim up any overhang around the block don't worry about the perimeter to much right now, we will clean that up at the end.

Fun House Window Block 8 Fun House window block 9

7. Lay you third piece of fabric right sides together and in line with the edge of the second piece you just trimmed. Sew this piece the same as the last one. This time on the line between #2 and #3.

Fun House window block 10

8. After you sew this line you will trim just as you did the last. Trim this piece by folding the paper back at the line between #3 and #4.

9. Repeat for your final scrap. After sewing your final piece you'll need to trim the perimeter of the block. Trim to the outer edge.

10. Remove the paper. Do this by carefully folding just the paper at your stitch lines and tearing at the perforations the stitch lines created. Go slow to avoid pulling your seams.

Fun House Block 4

11. Make 16 of these units for this project or as many as you like for what your imagination has created! Once you have your blocks you can choose how to sew them together. Remember to pin at the intersecting points to ensure they line up.

fun house window block 23

You will sew them using a 1/4' SA. Here are a few of your options. After completing each block square it up to measure 6.5".

Play with different position in this block to come up with tons of designs!

Play with different position in this block to come up with tons of designs!

Now to assemble the wall hanging/table runner. Cut your dark/solid fabric 3"x WOF. Cut 4 sashing strips. You'll begin by sewing the bottom sashing on each block. You can simply lay out a piece of sashing and place one edge of your block on top, right side down,lining up the raw edges. Place as many blocks as you can along the sashing strip and pin to hold in place. Sew in place.

Fun house window block 11

Trim your sashing flush with your block. Press seams to sashing. Repeat this process to attach sashing to opposite side of half of you blocks.

fun house window block 12

You will then sew these into strips using 4 pieces. Each strip will be alternating sashing/block. Still with me? Good.

fun house window block 13

Next add your long sashing to the left side of one of your completed strips. Press your seams to the sashing. Now add another sashing to the right side.

fun house window block 14

To join your next block strip carefully line up the cross sashing in the second strip with the first. To do this lay your pieces right sides together and lift the edge to peek under and see if you are in line. Pin at each seam along the sashing to hold in place as you sew this new piece.

fun house window block 15

Finally, Sew your remaining sashing to the final edge. Trim any over hang and square up your quilt top.

fun house window block 16

You are almost done!! Finally, make a quilt sandwich with your batting and backing and quilt as desired. Bind your quilt.

Now make a cup of coffee, relax, and enjoy your awesome new handmade Halloween decoration!! Have some candy corn too!

Fun House Window Block
fun house window block 20

Thanks for hanging out today and please tag me if you make something wonderful with this fun block! @finnsdoor I would love to see your work.

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