Sewing Pattern Review: Three Layer Clutch with Ruffle Front


Pattern reviewed by Stacey from Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts.

Whether you carry your life in your purse or everything you could ever need for those most important little people in your life, most women can agree that lugging a huge purse or diaper bag around everywhere you go can be painful on the back and shoulders.  There's a dawning moment when your tired mommy brain catches up with this realization and you decide to do something about it.  I'm here today to enlighten you. The 3 Layer Clutch pattern by Gingercake is the perfect solution.

As I watched all of the change leak slowly from my wallet, into the parking lot the other day, I realized the wallet I carry needed to be relieved in the worst way.  I remembered seeing the 3 Layer Clutch pattern on UpCraft Club and thought it would make a great replacement, all the while solving my heavy purse dilemma.  I've been looking for a way, since my youngest gave up the diapers, to have my essentials in one container that can be scooped out of the "prepared for anything" filled purse when I just need to run into my children's school, sports practices, or the grocery store.

This pattern not only creates the most adorable clutch but has the ability to hold all of the essential items you would want to carry along with you on errands.  When complete, the pattern provides options for small card carrying pockets, a zippered pouch, a magnetic snap and larger pockets which I found are just perfect for a check book or cell phone.

The "third" layer of the wallet provides a section that's meant to hold a small notebook.  Just slide the front and back of the cover into the pockets and you'll always have a ready place for writing down those things that have a way of getting forgotten. For someone like me who needs to jot things down immediately, this is a must.

The original pattern provides instructions for a gathered fabric flap but also gives the finished front flap measurements so you can easily change the look of your wallet.  I decided to use another piece of this beautiful Cotton and Steel fabric as the flap so skipped the gathered fabric and added a ruffle instead.  I simply created a 4 X 20 strip of fabric which I sewed into a tube and then ruffled using my machines longest stitch length.  I then centered the ruffle, making sure it was even on all sides and basted it to the flap. I covered the raw seam with a piece of bias tape, sewed two lines of top stitching to secure it and added a button.

I'm very excited with how this all turned out and have loved being able to leave that huge purse in the car when I'm running short errands.  I like knowing I have everything I need for a full scale disaster in the car while not carrying it around every where I go.

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October 14, 2015 by UpCraft Club
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