Sewing Tutorial: Dresden Plate Pillow for Halloween

Hi All. Rebecca here from Finn's Door again with another super easy Halloween decoration.


I have always loved dresden plates used in quilting, but until recently I had never made one! Well now I have the feeling that this simple design is going to make quite a few appearances in our holiday decor. The dresden plate is simple and can be put together in so many ways to produce unlimited designs. Here's one version I did for this fun pillow.


  • 4-5 different fat quarters for design (or equivalent)
  • 2 fat quarters, or 1/2 yard cotton for back of pillow
  • 1 yd 44' cotton for backing
  • small piece of quilt batting at least 20"x 20"
  • 20" square pillow form
  • standard sewing supplies
  • template pieces Halloween Dresden Plate and Halloween Dresden Circle print 1 or each at 100% no scaling
Print out the template pieces. I chose to cut my templates out of card stock. I know I'll be using these again.
Halloweendresdenpillow6 (2)


Cut fabric into 6 1/4" strips. You can layer the strips, make sure to use a very sharp rotary blade to cut them all accurately. Place the blade template on the fabric strip and cut the first blade. Flip the template upside down and cut the second. Continue flipping the blade template until you have cut 9 blades.

Halloweendresdenpillow6 (4) Halloweendresdenpillow6 (5)

Cut a circle for the center using the larger of the 2 circle templates. If you want to fussy cut now would be the time.


Next, Take the blades and press the wide end to the wrong side 1/4".


Place 2 blades together, lining up one long edge. Sew them together using 1/4" SA. Continue to sew all of the blades. When you get to the last one sew the first and last together to form a continuous ring. Press all seams to one side.


There will be little bits at the top where each seam is that need to be trimmed. Trim each piece at an angle (like clipping corners). Be careful not to cut past the seam allowance.

Halloweendresdenpillow15 Halloweendresdenpillow16

Clip all threads and give the plate circle a good press. Set aside for now. Take the smaller template circle and pin it in the middle of the fabric circle. The fabric will hang over the template by 1/4". Run a basting stitch 1/8"-1/16" from the raw edge. I chose to do this with my machine using the longest stitch length. You can also do this by hand if you choose. Pull your threads until the fabric pulls to the back of the template. Hold the thread taught while you press the raw edges. This will give you a perfectly smooth center circle. Carefully remove the template.

Halloweendresdenpillow18 Halloweendresdenpillow19

Cut a 20"x20" backing fabric piece. Press in half and in half again. Press well and this will create a center mark. Place backing fabric on top of the square of quilt batting.


Place the dresden circle onto the backing fabric with center cross lined up in the middle and place center circle over center of plate. Pin in place.


There are a number of ways to secure the decoration to the backing fabric. I chose to use a simple straight stitch around the entire piece. I then stitched the outline of the circle. You can quilt the pillow top as desired or leave it plain like mine.


To make the pillow back, I'm using the envelope style closure. Take 2 fat quarters for the pillow back and cut 1 at 20"x 15" and the other at 12"x 20". On each piece fold one raw edge (20") to the wrong side 1/4" and press, fold again, another 1/4", and press. Sew along this fold to secure the raw edges.


Place the pillow backing wrong sides together with the pillow top and pin around the edges. Sew using 1/4" SA. Finally, bind the pillow using your desired method. I always machine stitch my binding to the front of the piece, pull to the back, and hand stitch to finish. Fit with a pillow insert and you are all done!! See, I told you that would be quick and easy!

Halloweendresdenpillow28 halloweendresdenpillow27

Thanks for hanging out today. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!! If you decide to try one of your own be sure to post some pictures. I would love to see what you have created! Tag me so I'll know @finnsdoor instagram See you next time.

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October 16, 2015 by UpCraft Club
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