Sewing Pattern Review: Katie Bird Pillow by Gingercake

Hey there!  Emily here from Lady and the Gents. The time has finally come.  The littlest lady of the house moved on up and got a big girl bed!  It wasn't so much that she was out growing it, more like she is a hoarder of stuffed animals, books, dollies, and anything else she can stuff in her bed and there was no room left for her.

We figured at 3 years old, it was time to get out of the toddler bed and into something fit for a princess!  And what does every princess bed need?? Lots of pillows!

When I saw the Katie Bird PDF Pattern by Gingercake, I knew I needed to make this!  It is the perfect accent pillow and my little one thinks birds are oh so cute!  It was a win win!

The pattern is hand drawn, easy to read and went together with no problems. 

When sewing, I did run into some tricky spots at the beak and tail, but it had nothing to do with the instructions and was all user error.  

There is some hand sewing that needs to be done, but a fairly simple blind stitch solves that problem and can be done pretty easily.  

I love the mix of fabrics.  We chose cotton, flannel and felt.  These would be super cute with minky too!  I really want to make one in plaid for the holidays!

The pillow is a really nice size for an accent!  Perfect for a cute decoration, and even big enough for my little lady to rest her head on.

This is a fast and easy pattern that is great for beginners!  Perfect for a mom or grandma who'd love a project to sew with their little one.

My little lady adores her birdies.  She did let me know she was a bit disappointed there was not a pink one, so I guess she will be getting one more birdie for her bed!  Maybe a smaller baby bird this time!  

We love these birds and the pattern!  Gingercake also has tons of other adorable patterns available!  Maybe next time we will make her Modern folksy kitty and bunny pattern!  So cute!  

October 25, 2015 by UpCraft Club
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Erin said:

These are so cute! I’ve only ever made her lunch bag patterns. I wish that was my bed. ;)

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