Tutorial: Stitched Feather Earrings

Written by Rebecca from Finn's Door  

While working on another project for which I decided to stitch up a few feather to add some unique detail and well one thing led to another and the next thing I knew I was making earrings!! I love when something cool springs from another project.

feather earrings

So, I thought, wait, everyone has cool scraps and we are all looking for things to use up our favorite bits. So today I'm here to share with you a simple way to make a statement. Most likely you'll have everything you need to get these going.

Feather earrIngs

I believe this is the beginning of my Christmas present making spree. I am so happy that they are super fast to make. I'll be digging through my scrap bin with new interest, looking for little designs that would look great as accessories! Here's what you'll need:

feather earrings1

  • Fabric scraps with a cool design. I used some feathers from April Rhodes Wanderer collection (from Llama Fabrics)
  • Fabric for backing
  • Heat n Bond or similar
  • Large eye hand sewing needle
  • glass beads, make sure the hole is large enough for one piece of wire to pass through
  • 20 gauge silver wire
  • Jewelers pliers or needle nose pliers, with a wire cutting blade
  • fish hook ear wires
  • open toe embroidery foot (not necessary but very helpful)

Iron the design of your choice to the rough side of interfacing according to package directions. Peel off paper backing and iron to backing fabric.

feather earrings3

Using an embroidery foot stitch around design. Make sure to stay stitch or back tack at beginning and end of stitching. I choose to outline and add a bit of texture to the middle of my piece. Once this is done press with a hot iron to set the stitches.

feather earrings

Take 1 earring back and a 5" length of wire. Thread wire through the hoop on the earring back, just about an inch or so. Squeeze or twist wire very close to the hoop. Cut shorter tail of wire as close to the remaining tail as possible and crimp the new end.

feather earrings9 feather earrings16

Thread 3 beads onto remaining wire tail and slide them to the top of earring hook.

feather earrings10

Using the large eye needle poke a hole into the stitched piece at the point where you want the top of your earring to be. Thread the wire through the hole from the back. Bring stitched piece up to beads, stopping about 1/2' from last bead.

feather earrings17

Fold the wire tail up towards the beads and twist around stem 2-3 times.

feather earrings12

Clip the last tail as close to twists as possible. Using the pliers crimp the end tightly (squeeze it to the other wire). Your beads should cover the two raw ends of the wire so they are hidden. If they are still very visible you may need to use a small gauge wire or beads with larger centers. Repeat for the second earring and Voila, you are all done! Now make a pair for a friend because they will make a great Holiday gift!!


Thanks for hanging out today! Enjoy. And be sure to share your projects with us.

October 28, 2015 by UpCraft Club
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