13 Crafty Thing to Do for Halloween

Roundup by Jessamin from Mom of Marlee
Halloween is such a fun holiday for both kids and adults. But the day of Halloween can sometimes feel like Christmas Eve waiting for all the festivities to begin. Or if you are like me, you still have costumes to make and you need the kids occupied so you can get them done. Well we have you covered! Here is a list of 13 easy things for you to do that will make waiting for trick or treating spooky fun!
1. Spider Web Plates from Delia Creates I wanted to compile a list of things that you could do with what you already have at home. No need for a special trip to the store or lots of prep time. This simple craft from Delia Creates fits the bill! All you really need is a paper plate and some string! Instant fun. I can see my kids working on this for a while, spinning their spider webs over and over again. While you are at her site, you should check out her scribble monster activity as well. So cute! I mean scary. :) 2. Halloween Printable Pack from Gift of Curiosity There will not be any shortage of entertainment with this Halloween printable including more than 70 Halloween worksheets and activities for your kiddos! This pack was designed for kids from 2-7 years old but could certainly be expanded to older kids as well. I love these printables from Gift of Curiosity because they make learning so much fun! All you need is your printer and a pencil and viola, the perfect activity to pass the day! Subscribe to her blog to have access to all of her 100% free printables. Now that is spooktacular! 3. Paper Bat Puppet from Made by Joel Now if you have never heard of Made by Joel, you seriously need to check out his blog! I am talking about dad of the year award every year. He makes some incredible paper toys that you just print off right at home! For Halloween he has made this creepy bat puppet. Simple, free, and endless amounts of fun. You can put on a Halloween puppet show or just run through the house flying your bat all around! Scary cool. 4. Room on the Broom over at Netflix Have you heard of this popular halloween book and movie Room on the Broom? It is really the perfect dose of scariness for your little ones. You will quickly fall in love with this charming little story of a witch and all her animal friends. Room on the Broom is 26 minutes of magical fun complete with a big scary dragon, cat, dog, frog, crow and one big hearted witch. This adorable little tale will surely sweep you off your feet! 5. Cute Halloween Coloring Page from Skip to my Lou I am super excited to share this one with you! There are surely an abundance of Halloween coloring pages for endless hours of coloring out there but this one goes above the rest. Hand drawn by artist Ashley Lucas over at ladylucas.com and just simply adorable and fun. If you could make this beautiful illustration any better, she did by offering it as a free download! This is digital art at it's prime. So skip on over to Skip to my Lou to print one off, or a few! 6. Spooky Sounds Experiment from One Time Through No Halloween would be complete without some spooky sounds! Don't have any spooky music? No problem! Sue from One Time Through has an incredibly creative compilation of materials to make your own spooky music! This genius experiment uses everyday household items and any recording device, like your phone! Dropping silverware on a sheet pan for breaking glass or blowing bubbles into your milk for a boiling cauldron are just a couple of the spooky sounds you can create. The possibilities are endless and the results are creepy cool. 7. Toilet Paper Roll Spiders Craft from Crafty Morning There are not one but two eerie crafts to make with these toilet paper spiders from Crafty Morning. Just grab some empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls, scissors and some paint. Add some goggly eyes if you have any for some extra creepiness. This art project is so simple it's spooky! 8. Halloween Bingo Game from Crazy Little Projects Bingo! Everyone loves bingo but it gets extra fun when you play with candy corn. Just be sure not to eat them or this game will never end! Does the first person to get a bingo win all the candy? This game can be played over and over and I just love these adorable little Halloween graphics. Head on over to Crazy Little Projects for this fun and simple idea to keep those kiddos busy. They will be having such a terrific time that they'll completely forget about trick or treating! 9. Flashlight Covers from Candyland Studio This one from Candyland Studios is sure to be a crowd pleaser. No need to wait till it is dark either. Just find a small dark space like a bathroom or laundry room and turn out the lights. Shine these Halloween flashlight covers on the wall and tell a scary story for instant spookiness. Shine it close and then far away to watch this pumpkin grow to a monstrous size! Your kids might never want to come out! But don't fear, this flashlight cover will be the perfect companion while trick or treating. 10. WitchCraft from Doodles and Jots This WitchCraft paper toy is just too spooktacular to not include in our list. Your kids will be playing with this toy long after Halloween is over! Ann from Doodles and Jots provides this free printable and instructions on how to assemble your little witch and ghost over on her blog. Your kids will love watching their witches and ghost soar through the air. Make multiples for more startling fun! 11. Origami Skull from Origami Spirit Not only can you find instructions on how to make these spine-chilling skulls but also instructions for everything else you see! You can make one skull or a whole family of skulls. Mix and match their hats, bow ties and flowers. Origami Spirit also shows you how you can embellish your skulls with beautiful floral motifs or patterns! 12. Spider Cracker Snacks from La Jolla Mom After doing all of these tremendous activities you will likely be hungry for a creepy crawly snack like these spider crackers from La Jolla Mom. Might as well feed your kids something healthy while you still can! Make them with whole grain crackers, pretzels and some cheese or peanut butter. Plop some raisins on there to make these spiders come alive. These could easily be made with carrot sticks and cucumber slices for an even healthier option! 13. Witch Fingers from Mom on Time Out Speaking of carrot sticks, why not peel some up to create some horrifying witch's fingers! When you bite down on these it will be like bitting on a finger bone! Record that for some spooky sounds. Love that the nails are made with apples peels instead of almond slices but either one will work. These witch fingers are both healthy, fun and frightfully delicious! With these spooktacular Halloween activities, you are sure to have a happy Halloween!
October 30, 2015 by UpCraft Club
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Leyla Torres

Leyla Torres said:

So many wonderful ideas. I specially like the carrot fingers…Spooky but great! Thank you for featuring my origami sugar skulls.


Ann said:

Thanks so much for the feature, so glad you like my witchcraft :-) Lots of other awesome ones too. The carrot fingers are sooooo creepy!!!

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