Find the Sewing Hunt Icon Here

You found it! Click on the icon at the bottom of this post to register this icon as found in your dashboard.

While on the Sewing Hunt you'll find icons hidden on sites within blog posts or product pages. Sometimes they'll be easy to find...and some (like the ones hidden by our Extreme Sponsors) are a bit harder to find...but the prizes are worth hunting for!

Happy Hunting!


November 10, 2015 by UpCraft Club
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Anne Gouiller-Moore

Anne Gouiller-Moore said:

love the hunt…

Susan Drescher Terrill

Susan Drescher Terrill said:

I am a little confused but perhaps it will become clear. sounds fun. can we only hunt for one?


Neepa said:

Is this open worldwide?


Carolyn said:

Me too confused – does it appear that this is the only block to hunt this week? Well, I’m in hoping will become clearer!


Elizabeth said:

Yes – the Hunt is open worldwide! And hopefully now you can see your Hunt Dashboard along with all of the amazing sponsors and prizes you can enter to win by finding hidden icons. Feel free to contact us if you have specific questions!

Tanya C

Tanya C said:

I’ve clicked on and located several of the icons on the websites linked (then clicked on the icon), but none of them are turning into a green checkmark, still has a red X on the dashboard.


Brandi said:

I found the icon at Wild ginger and it’s showing up as a pinnable image, but not a button.

UpCraft Club

UpCraft Club said:

Tanya C and Brandi…if you don’t see the checkmark in your dashboard then it’s not the right icon yet. Make sure the one you found does NOT have any words above it. It should not say ‘Join the Hunt’ or ‘Extreme Sponsor’ at the top of it. Those are to tell people about the Hunt and let them register. The hidden icons are small and have no words above them. Happy Hunting! :)

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