Introducing...The Urban Jungle Dolls

Have you seen the newest pattern by Petit a Petit and Family? Celina designs the best patterns for kids and now she got the sewing community amazed by this animal doll collection

Alicorn doll included in Crew 03

Here are all the animal dolls you can make:

Crew 01 - includes a fancy Fox, a sneaky Raccoon, and sweet Deer.

Crew 02 includes a cuddly Bear, a snazzy Panda, and cute Pig

Crew 03 - includes a trickster Tiger, a curious Cat, and magical Alicorn.

Crew 04 - includes a timid Lion, a stylish Bunny, and wise Doggy.

Crew 05 - includes a not so tiny Mouse, a snugly Sheep, and elegant Bird. 

You can get one of these five animal crews separately (each crew include a basic clothing set) or you can get the bundle (which includes all five crews) and save BIG

Bunny doll included in Crew 04

These animal dolls are large-scaled (76cm/30”) and will make the best Christmas gifts! We are sure your kids (grand-kids, nieces and nephews) will love them!

There are cute wild animals on the loose, go get them!


Fox doll included in Crew 01



November 17, 2017 by Sara Soares
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