Meet the Designer: Aimee of Puzzle Patterns

This week meet Aimee of Puzzle Patterns! Aimee is a mom of red hair girls who have lived on three continents and have settled in Australia. She studied Fashion and Theater Costume Design and had the amazing opportunity to work for Disney. She is now about to start a year long journey around Australia with her husband and kids in a little caravan. Keep reading to know more! 


Why do you sew?

 I sew for many reasons - I love to create things, to watch a piece of fabric and a stack of buttons become a unique pinafore for my girls to wander around life in. I also sew for my sanity, my mind is busy and to turn on a little music, focus in on a sewing project and disappear into it for awhile is the best therapy for me :)


When did you started to sew? And what was your first make?

 I spent weekends and a lot of my spare time with my grandmother when I was little. She is one of those magic people who truly makes a house a home - cupboards full of delicious snacks and home baked goods, hand sewn pyjamas for Christmas and unique costumes for halloween, snuggles and giggles from the minute you walk in the door. From the age of 5 she patiently showed me how to sew, crochet and cross stitch. My first sewing memory is a teddy bear we made together.


When did you start to draft patterns? How was the learning process?

 I studied fashion and theatre costume design at FIDM in Los Angeles and there I learned the technicals of pattern drafting and draping. The process was very fun, I was surrounded by creatives of all different styles and I was young and wild in Los Angeles and had the opportunity to test out my newly formed skills in theatres, theme parks, films and just for fun nights out.  


What is your favorite make ever? Why?

 I had the amazing opportunity to help create the wedding dress Amy Adams wore in the Disney movie Enchanted. There was a huge team all making the fabulous costume designer Mona May's design come to life. It was a fun project to watch unfold and I love how excited my daughter gets watching a project I worked on over ten years ago and knowing her mama was a part of that.


What is on in the background while you're sewing?

 If I'm working early in the morning I like to play music to get my brain going and get into the rhythm of designing. If I'm on the sewing machine or doing design work on the computer later in the day, than I like to have on podcasts or catch up on my favourite shows. Often times my daughters sit at my feet in my teeny tiny sewing studio and color or play with their dolls so in those times it's their little voices and laughter.


Ring Around the Rosie Dress & Romper by Puzzle Patterns


Which is(are) your favorite pattern(s)? 

 My favourite pattern is Puzzle Patterns "Ring Around the Rosie". It was my first pattern in the collection and I poured my heart into perfecting it. I learned so much about digitizing patterns, the testing process, implementing feedback and writing thorough and clear instructions. It was a huge learning experience and a roller coaster but there is nothing more exciting than finishing your first pattern!


What are your favorite sewing techniques?

 French seams! I love when all the raw edges are tucked away beautifully and the inside looks as neat as the out.


What is your least favorite sewing technique/step?

 Depends on the day!

3 Favorites - color, texture and fabric:

  • color: my girls wild red hair,
  • texture: newborn baby cheeks,
  • fabric: linen sheets.

3 things that make you happy: 

  • My little family, traveling and creating.

3 random things about you:

  • 1. I'm about to embark on a year long journey around Australia with my family in a little caravan (Hubby's outside putting the finishing touches on the old girl now!)
  • 2. I have lived on 3 continents and traveled 5.
  • 3. I once crashed the Oscars after parties disguised as a British pop band with three of my girlfriends (fake accents and all). We even got an invite to the Vanity Fair soiree! Ah, the confidence of being young!

    Life or sewing motto: 

     Keep moving. No matter what ;)


    Merry Go Round Dress & Top pattern by Puzzle Patterns

    Thank you, Aimee! 


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