Meet the Designer: Saskia of The Wolf and The Tree

 This week meet... Saskia of The Wolf and the Tree! Saskia was taught how to sew from paper patterns by her mother. They would trace and cut on the kitchen floor of their home in Germany. She started to make PDF patterns inspired by her children, and, in her words, she strives to to provide "simple elegance for the sophisticated seamstress". Keep reading to know more! 


Why do you sew? 

 For business, for pleasure, for the very first stitch and the end result.


When did you started to sew? And what was your first make?

 As a little child. A handbag.


When did you start to draft patterns? How was the learning process?

 I drafted my first pattern in high school when cascading necklines were all the rage and I wanted to make a very specific top. I started back up after my son was born - over 6 years ago - and migrated to computer drafting 3 years ago.


How is your creative/design process?

 I go with the flow: sometimes I will start with the drafting portion of the designing process (sometimes still hand drafting on paper), sometimes I have an idea while I am out and about and start by writing the instructions. Sometimes I design one pattern, but usually I work on at least 3 at a time to give myself a break and work on a different design.


How/where do you see yourself and your business in the future?

 Expanded into men's and boys' patterns - patterns for the whole family.


Abby's Knockout Socks pattern by The Wolf and the Tree


What sewing machine do you own? Is it the machine of your dreams?

 A 1972 Elna and a MyLock 134D Jarome Serger. The Elna is definitely the machine of my dreams - it is a quietly purring workhorse that sews through several layers of leather just as easily as through chiffon.


What is your favorite make ever? Why?

 My daughter's hat. I made it for her when she was a baby with pink embroidered minky on the inside and hearts on the outside. It was stretchy so she could wear it for a long time and I had enough of the fabric to make her an identical one a size bigger, once she outgrew the first one. She loved it so very much - she didn't want to leave the house without it on. Always makes me smile looking at the fabric and the little hat. Definitely a keeper.


What is on in the background while you're sewing?

 While I am drafting/writing instructions The Office, Twilight Zone or The Dick Van Dyke show. While I am sewing I like to watch period pieces - usually I have Candleford to Lark Rise on.


Which is(are) your favorite pattern(s)? 

 My favorite The Wolf and the Tree pattern is Abby's Road Trip Tunic; my favorite pattern by other designers is Lilygiggles' Clementine Confetti Hat (the make I talked about above).

Abby's Rashguard pattern collection by The Wolf and The Tree

Who's your sewing/blogging/style/fashion/designer/quilter hero(s)?

 Jennifer Van Meter DeShanzer (Jennuine Designs) and Jennifer Getter (Stitch Upon a Time). These two ladies are talented, brilliant and have stood out to me from day 1 with their unique designs and genuine care for people - including for other designers. I was worried when I started designing PDF patterns how the designer view each other and these two ladies (along with so many others that will offer you their opinion, guidance and help) have truly made a difference to me and welcomed me into the real 'community' designers have. I am beyond grateful to them and happy to call them my friends <3 Also Kristi Fitzpatrick (George + Ginger) for being a ridiculously bold go-getter and being featured with a fashion show in New York during Fashion Week. And being awesome. And Theresa Altland Taylor (Grammie's Dolls) who is always there to jump into a test or listen to 'creative process' frustrations ;)


What are your favorite sewing techniques?

 French Seams


What is your least favorite sewing technique/step?


 Abby's Road Trip Tunic pattern by The Wolf and the Tree


Describe yourself in 3 words:

Determined, goofy, loyal.

3 Favorites - color, texture and fabric:

  • Teal blue, brushed, open weave sweater knit.

3 things that make you happy: 

  • My kids. Sewing up a new pattern.

3 random things about you:

  • I am German.
  • I graduated in Geology from the Ohio State University.
  • My dog's name is Kahless - named after the Klingon hero (he is a Mountain Cur with brindle coat).

    Life or sewing motto: 

     'Life is what happens to you, when you're busy making other plans' - so pay attention.

     Thank you, Saskia! 


    Gazelle Ladie's Footed Tights & Leggings pattern by TWT


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    February 26, 2018 by Sara Soares
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