Meet the Designer: Vanessa of LBG Studio

This Vanessa of LBG Studio! Vanessa is a mom of two who lives in Alabama, USA. She has a degree in Radiologic Technology but her love for design led her to become a pattern designer about 8 years ago. Vanessa also loves photography and drawing, which you can admire on her Instagram. Keep reading to know more!

Why do you sew?

 That's such a hard question to answer for me! I think I enjoy sewing because it appeals to and makes use of both my need to be creative and my analytic nature. I find it to be stressful sometimes but it's a productive form of stress in that I get to problem solve and end up with a finished product. I love the fact that sewing projects have a finite end. I also enjoy photography and drawing but with those mediums it can be so hard to know when a piece is truly finished. With a sewing project, once that last stitch is sewn and you've pressed it into submission - it's done and you can move on to the next project.


When did you started to sew? And what was your first make?

 I became interested in sewing while in high school. I took a sewing class at school and I decided to make a plaid pleated skirt with a zipper closure as my class project. It never did get hemmed nor worn but I was pretty proud of it! I didn't really start sewing on a regular basis until after my daughter was born and I had become a stay at home mom. At that point I finally had the time (during naps) and a space where I could work and that made all the difference for me!


When did you start to draft patterns? How was the learning process?

 I started drafting patterns about 8 or 9 years ago, not long after I started sewing on a regular basis. At first it was just me trying to makes dresses for my daughter and then I started focusing more on bag making and design. The learning process...slow and steady. I started by sewing bags using patterns from other designers and learning different techniques, spending a lot of time paying attention to how bags were constructed and mentally reverse engineering them, and lots of trial and error. More recently I learned more about the digital aspect of pattern drafting and illustrating and discovered I LOVE digitally drawing the illustrations for my tutorials.  


Leather Accent Fold Over Pouch pattern by LBG Studio


What sewing machine do you own? Is it the machine of your dreams?

 I have a Janome DC2010 and have been using it for the last 9 years. It's never given me any problems and I don't see myself replacing it anytime soon!


What is on in the background while you're sewing?

 I often watch my favorite shows while sewing because I don't get a lot of time to do either so it makes sense to do both at the same time. I'm currently watching Grantchester and Happy Valley! If I'm trying to meet a deadline then I'll listen to music instead so that I don't get too sidetracked.


Who's your sewing/blogging/style/fashion/designer/quilter hero(s)?

 There are so many! To narrow it down, I'll mention two bag designers that I think are amazing. Michelle of Michelle Patterns - her patterns are some of the first pdf patterns and bag patterns I came across when I first discovered the world of sewing online. I learned a lot from her patterns and she's also such a sweet person. Anna of Noodlehead - I could go on and on about her so I'll keep it short. I want to be her when I grow up. I mean that in the business sense because I'm pretty sure I'm waaaay older than her!


What is your least favorite sewing technique/step?

 I'd have to say sewing buttons on and sewing buttonholes. I find it tedious!


3 things that make you happy: 

  • Taking walks which I don't get to do as often as I'd like,
  • my first cup of coffee every morning,
  • and my Kindle because I read every single day.


3 random things about you:

  • 1 - I pursued a degree in Graphic Design and almost finished but ended up with a degree in Radiologic Technology instead.
  • 2 - I grew up with 3 languages in my household - English, German, and Spanish. When my mother and I chat, she speaks in German and I speak in English and it totally works for us.
  • 3 - I read several books a week. I've done so for as long as I can remember!


      Life or sewing motto: 

       Press! Press! Press! Your sewing projects won't look their best without it.


       Aster Cardigan pattern by LBG Studio for Willow & Co.

       Thank you, Vanessa! 

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