Sewing (Boys Clothes) for Kindergarten

Sew for Boys pants and shirt

When you are a mom who loves to sew and your last baby is headed off to can't help it but grab your favorite PDF sewing patterns for boy's clothes and get busy! 

As the founder of UpCraft Club, I'm often asked about how much time I get to spend sewing...since sewing is my business. The truth is, I hardly ever get to sew because I'm managing other things. Thankfully, a friend gave me a great 'excuse' to spend some time sewing for fun and I'm joining the Sewing for Kindergarten series by Mie at Sewing Like Mad today. At the bottom of this post you can check out all the fantastic bloggers participating and showing some awe-inspiring sewing over the next 2 weeks.

I've been part of the series in the past (see how I made school uniforms look cool here, shared a tutorial for sewing a paint shirt here, and how to DIY a nap mat here). Now my baby Henry is off to kindergarten and we came up with a fun and crazy outfit for him.

sewing for boys for kindergarten hawthorn zip and kudzu cargos

The jumping off point for what I'd make was this awesome Wondermooi fabric panel I stumbled across at IKEA. It feels like canvas, which is too thick for the Kudzu Cargo pants I chose to make with it, but I couldn't resist! Skinny pants with glow-in-the-dark eyeballs all over them?? Yes, please! Thankfully the Kudzu Cargo PDF sewing pattern includes details like knee pleats so the canvas works.

I grabbed some fleece and knit fabrics that coordinated with the crazy eyeball print and whipped up TWO of my go-to favorites from Titchy Threads: the Hawthorn Zip-Up Sweatshirt and the Safari Raglan.

The Hawthorn Zip-Up Sweatshirt is colorful, cozy, and super professional looking. The inside is completely finished with beautiful facings and will be a staple in Henry's wardrobe this fall and winter.


Hawthorn Zip Up Sweatshirt modern pdf sewing pattern by Titchy Threads

Kudzu Cargo modern PDF sewing pattern

The Kudzu Cargo pants are seriously my favorite PDF sewing pattern. Ever. Although, of course I'm completely biased because I designed the pattern (haha). I just love that it's unisex and there are tons of design details. I left most of the design elements out of this pair (no cargo pockets, contrast leg fabrics, pieced together back pockets, etc) but the knee pleats and skinny leg still make the pants really special (and that fabric!). 

The pants should be made out of a stretch woven, but this canvas still works ok because of the construction at the back. There is a woven waistband at the front, and the back waistband is ribbing with elastic. So Henry had no problems climbing around in this new pants (you can see the back waistband peeking out below).

Kudzu Cargo pants modern pdf sewing pattern

Kudzu cargo modern pdf sewing pattern for kids in motion

The raglan top I made to go with his new ensemble is another PDF sewing pattern designed by Laura from Titchy Threads, the Safari Raglan Tee and Dress. It took less than 30 minutes of actual sewing time to whip up this top! Woohoo! 

The pattern includes a special 'puppet sleeve' which makes the sleeves a bit longer and gives a unique little lip on the inside of the cuff for your child to place their hands and play with their shirt like each sleeve is a puppet. It's such a clever detail...but I was not nearly as clever in putting it together. I purchased some googly eyes to complete Henry's puppet sleeves (and to match the eyes on his pants) but purchased the wrong kind of eyes so they wouldn't adhere to the fabric. My mistake aside, the shirt is comfy for my boy and I can't wait to make more of these!

Henry is loving Kindergarten this year and is in a Spanish Immersion program. His transition so far (1 week into the school year) has been good. He's learning a handful of spanish words every day. I was surprised how 'ok' I feel with him being in school and am excited for him to grow and learn. (Just don't grow too fast, ok buddy?) The saddest part of his school for me is that he has a very strict uniform so he cannot wear this outfit (or any other mom-made clothes) to school. But watch out weekends...Henry's glow-in-the-dark eyeball pants will see you on Saturdays!

Sewing for Kindergarten

Thanks Mie for having me in your Sewing for Kindergarten series again! Check out all the participants this year to get inspired to sew for your kiddos!

Sewing for Kindergarten with Sewing Like Mad
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Mie said:

Are you kidding me….glow in the dark googly eyes fabric – Absolutely LOVE that! The whole outfit is SO good! You choose some great patterns to start with and the result obviously speak for itself! Thank you so much for joining me in this series one last time, sniff sniff ;-)

Bettina (blogging @ Stahlarbeit)

Bettina (blogging @ Stahlarbeit) said:

These pants – honestly – I would wear them myself. Great work!

Holli Coats

Holli Coats said:

Those pants are the best! What an awesome outfit!


Gabriela said:

What a cool outfit! What kid wouldn’t love that eyeball fabric :)

Olga Becker

Olga Becker said:

Such a great outfit! Love it!


Karly said:

Those pants are the coolest thing ever! Totally used some of my most favorite patterns!


Emi said:

I’m with everyone — I LOVE those pants! They are so cool! I want those pants for myself, haha.

Sara @ Made by Sara

Sara @ Made by Sara said:

Love the whole outfit!! You used some of my favorite patterns (all of three!) and that googly eye fabric is so, so cool! I’m adding it to my to-shop list next time I’m going to IKEA.
Thank you for some amazing boy sewing inspo!


Dorothea said:

He’s rocking those pants. The whole outfit has a great vibe going on!

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