Butterfly Trail Quilt Pattern

$ 12.50

Brand Quilts by Catherine

This listing is for a PDF file of the Butterfly Trail Quilt Pattern. Three documents are included in your download. The first document, Butterfly Square Pattern - Instructions, gives information on how to print and piece the paper pieced butterfly blocks The instruction document also includes charts that show which pages to print from the second document, Butterfly Square Pattern - Printing, which contains all the necessary foundation paper piecing patterns. It also includes optional templates that you can print and use to pre-cut your fabric pieces to minimize the fabric waste that is often associated with paper piecing. The third document is the Butterfly Trail Quilt Pattern, which includes full color instructions on how to turn your paper pieced butterflies into a quilt.

The quilt pattern includes directions for two sizes: Baby (40"x40") and Throw (60"x60").

The cover photo is the throw size; see the final image for the baby size layout. The pattern has detailed instructions on which butterflies to print and piece for each layout, fabric requirements, cutting directions, and how to join together all the blocks. Once the butterflies are pieced, the quilt comes together with traditional piecing in a grid like manner. Directions for basting, quilting, and binding are not included.

Please note that since this quilt uses paper pieced blocks, you will need a way to print the paper piecing patterns on 8.5" x 11" paper. The throw size will require 36 pages of printing for the paper pieced patterns. The baby size will require 23 pages of printing. Additional pages will need to be printed if you choose to print the optional templates. The patterns and templates should be printed "actual size" with no scaling. A 1" test square is included in the pattern to test your printer settings.

The pattern contains general information about paper piecing the butterflies, but it does NOT include a step by step tutorial for paper piecing. It is assumed that the sewer will already have experience paper piecing. If you have paper pieced before, this block will be very simple. Please see image for an example of the paper piecing patterns. If you can piece this block without directions, then this pattern is for you! If you are unsure of how to piece the block, then you may want to wait until you have more experience, or find some good tutorials to follow- there are plenty out there!

If you purchase this pattern, there is no reason to purchase the Butterfly Square Pattern separately. The Butterfly Trail Quilt Pattern includes the Butterfly Block Pattern, plus an additional pattern to make the butterflies into a quilt. If you do not intend to make the quilt, and are only interested in having the pattern for individual butterflies, please purchase the Butterfly Square Pattern.

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