Lucent Quilt Pattern

$ 10.00

Brand Quilting JetGirl

Skill Level: 2 out of 5 (Confident Beginner)

Lucent is a brand new quilt design that was inspired by the Swoon and Star of Magi blocks. In this quilt, the scale of the block is increased to take up the vast majority of the quilt and single cuts of fabric are utilized to show off large scale prints. Lucent is not really a Swoon block, nor a Star of Magi block, but the quilt design stands on the shoulders of these two awesome block designs. Camille said she saw the traditional (Star of Magi) block, made it big, and broke it into more parts to eliminate the Y seams when she came up with her "Swoon" block. I was inspired by Camille's Swoon quilt, made the block even bigger, and added back a select number of Y seams to allow for continuous cuts of fabric.

The pattern is suitable for beginners after having established the ability to sew a consistent seam allowance. The pattern also includes instructions for creating an additional 48" square quilt from "scraps" of the piecing process.

::: Fabric Requirements :::
Fabric 1 = 5/8 yard
Fabric 2 = 5/8 yard
Fabric 3 = 1 1/8 yards
Fabric 4 = 1 1/8 yards
Fabric 5 = 1 1/8 yards
Fabric 6 = 3/8 yards
Background Fabric = 3 ½ yards
Binding Fabric = 2/3 yard [(8) 2 ½" x WOF strips]
Backing Fabric = 5 yards of 42-inch wide fabric or 2 ½ yards of wide backing
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