Griffin Plush Toy

$ 5.00

Brand Sew Desu Ne?

This listing is for a .pdf instant download of a plush sewing pattern, made to look like a Griffin, that is the legendary eagle/lion hybrid from Greek myth. The body is a cuter, chubbier version of the original, with a large head, detailed wings, owl-inspired ears, chest feather tuft, and chubby eagle toes.

It is sewing pattern with complete instructions to create the plush from start to finish -- including step-by-step photos and a printable pattern. It includes extra info on choosing fabrics, tools to get started, printing your pattern, and cutting your fabric. This project is not recommended for absolute beginners, but I do my best to explain everything in detail for those rogue newbies that want a challenge :)

Pattern Info:
›  Difficulty: ALMOST INTERMEDIATE (4/10 stars)
›  Skills used: Fusible web applique, sewing tiny pieces, darts, curved sewing, basting, ladder stitch, gathering stitch, backstitch or whipstitch
›  Finished size: 5" wide, 11" long (14" if you include the tail), and 6" tall
›  Materials: 1/4 yd each of white and brown fabric, 1/8 yd. of yellow, pink, and dark brown (stretchy fabric recommended), scraps of black, white and green applique fabric for details
›  Tools: Basic sewing kit (sewing machine, pins, iron, scissors, needles, fabric marker, seam ripper, point turner or chopstick)
›  Notions: Fusible web, thread, batting, hot glue
›  23 pages
›  Over 80 full-color photos & illustrations
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