Hello! I'm Elizabeth, the founder of UpCraft Club. My love with sewing really took off when I first discovered digital patterns! Since you're here, I bet you love PDF sewing patterns too! I began blogging about my sewing adventures and eventually started writing sewing patterns. In the picture here you can see my sewing space before setting up the UpCraft Club office...my dining room table. Where do you sew?

UpCraft Club started as an idea in 2014 to solve a couple challenges I had experienced as a sewist and then also saw as I began designing PDF sewing patterns myself. First, drafting and grading patterns is a highly technical skill and while technology is available to pull a pattern together pretty easily, that doesn't mean it's done well unless the pattern-maker knows what they're doing (I ended up hiring professional pattern-makers to create patterns for me because I am not trained in this area). As a customer, I bought way too many poorly drafted patterns and was frustrated that there wasn't a way to know the pattern was quality before buying it. This is where the idea of 'pattern certification' began. I created UpCraft Club to be a place where we will stand behind the patterns we sell!

UpCraft Club is also on a mission to connect these highly quality digital sewing patterns with sewists using technology. We've come up with innovative ways to work with retailers to sell digital patterns and have a patent pending on this technology. The newest innovation at UpCraft Club takes digital sewing a step further and soon we'll be releasing a PAPERLESS sewing system!!! Imagine not having to print, tape, or cut sewing patterns out before using them! The time and paper saved with our Kite™ system is incredible and we can't wait to show you more!

At the bottom of this page are some answers to the questions we're most frequently asked. Do you have a question or want to work with us? Contact Us. We'd love to chat anytime!


Sara SoaresMeet Sara

Sara sews beautiful things for herself and her three kids (ages 8, 6 and 4). Her blog, Made by Sara, is a must-follow and full of inspiring creations. She has a special talent for pairing gorgeous fabrics with indie patterns and has become a trusted sewing pattern tester and friend to indie designers around the world.

Sara's passion for finding high quality sewing patterns is a perfect match for UpCraft Club, where she works with designers and finds new patterns to bring in to share with you in the UpCraft Club catalog. You can contact Sara directly at patterns@upcraftclub.com.



Meet the whole team

UpCraft Club wouldn't exist without the work and support of the designers and brands who sell their amazing patterns and e-books with us. We also work with a fantastic group of talented techies and programmers, pattern-makers, content and partnership contractors and graphic designers. Want to work with us too? Contact us and let us know what you're great at and explore open roles at UpCraft Club.




What is UpCraft Club?

UpCraft Club is the hub for people who love using digital patterns. Members receive great benefits and their membership is more than paid for every month. We'd love to have you join us!

We are also a new type of curated pattern shop. What makes our concept new is that we have created a set of standards that our customers have told us are important to them when choosing to purchase a digital pattern. We published our standards to keep the process transparent, and we put a seal of approval on patterns that meet our standards. Not all 'certified patterns' are sold through UpCraft Club, but some are. And we're proud to pay significantly more to designers when their patterns are sold than most other shops out there!

What is Pattern Certification?

Beginner and Advanced Beginner sewists often express frustration with traditional paper patterns found in the fabric store. Most of them are written assuming the customer already knows basic techniques and terminology. To save paper, the instructions are short and each step isn't illustrated by itself. Does this make them bad patterns? No, not at all. But PDF sewing patterns are a fantastic option for someone new-ish to sewing because there are no constraints on the number of images that can be included, instructions can be more thoroughly explained, links to technique videos can be shared, etc. For an advanced sewist looking to learn new techniques or for modern designs, digital patterns are a great choice as well.

We developed a set of pattern standards after seeking out feedback from hundreds of customers. We learned what items each customer looks for in a pattern and what frustrates them the most. We're the first to publish our list of standards and love shining a light on the best patterns out there for our audience, the beginner to advanced beginner sewist. So when we find a pattern that meets all of the standards our customers are looking for, we give it a stamp of approval with the UpCraft Club Certified Pattern designation.

Who certifies the patterns and works at UpCraft Club?

We have a fun and growing team at UpCraft Club. Advanced and experienced sewists look at each pattern to determine whether or not it meets the standards we have published on this site. The standards are basically an empirical list and we've worked to take the subjectivity out of the process as much as possible. Patterns either include each item, or they don't. The review team works behind the scenes and stay anonymous for the sake of objectivity. For more questions and answers about the certification process see the Get Certified page.

How can I get my pattern on UpCraft Club?

If you're a designer there are several ways to connect with us about your patterns. We love helping release a brand new pattern through Pattern Launches. We also feature a variety of patterns monthly and you could be included in one of these features. These do not have to be Certified Patterns. To talk with us about Pattern Launches or having a monthly featured pattern Contact Us and tell us more about your pattern.

Patterns cannot be submitted by the designer for Certification, but you can ask your customers to contact us and nominate your pattern and tell us how great it is. We listen to sewists as they tell us which patterns they love and are well written, meeting our standards. 


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