Through UpCraft Club's patent-pending process and new technology, it is now possible for digital sewing and crafting patterns to be sold through your favorite local brick and mortar shop!

Until now...there has been a problem. Sewists love digital patterns in increasing numbers and they also love their local fabric shops. But the shops couldn't sell the digital patterns. They only had access to paper patterns and more and more designers are choosing to not go through the expense of printing their designs on paper. Their patterns are only available as PDFs and the stores weren't able to sell them.

Thanks to the unique process created by UpCraft Club, the highest quality digital sewing patterns can now be sold through your favorite stores! Even when a paper pattern for the same design is available, stores can now carry the digital pattern too. And the selection of patterns that shops can carry is greater because there's virtually no inventory for the digital pattern.

Soon we'll be publishing the list of shops where you can go find the digital patterns. Want your local shop to be on the list? Send them a link to this page so they can fill out the information request form below.

UpCraft Club digital sewing patterns in a shop

How does it work?

1. Your local shop chooses the high quality digital patterns they want to carry from the UpCraft Club catalog. (New patterns are added all the time!!)

2. We create unique Digital Pattern Cards™ for the shop that contain all the pattern details you need like sizing charts and fabric requirements.

3. You pick up the pattern card when you buy your fabric at the shop.

4. Then use the card to purchase the pattern with 2 simple steps. You can do it right in the store, or wait until you get home.

5. The pattern is delivered digitally just like all of the patterns you get on UpCraft Club and we stand behind the quality of the pattern you chose. Plus, your local shop is supported because they earn a percentage of your purchase!

Then all that's left to do is sew something amazing! 






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