Aveiro Cardigan

$ 12.00

Brand Itch to Stitch

The Aveiro Cardigan is your best bet for the changing season or even for the variation of temperature throughout the day. Designed for knit fabric, this smart, stylish and functional cardigan pattern comes in four bodice lengths and four sleeve options! Any sleeve can go with any bodice length, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content!

Aveiro Cardigan Features:

  • V neck, front open style
  • Four bodice length options: Long, regular, short and bolero
  • Four sleeve options: Long cuff, long, 3/4 length and short
  • Long bodice length includes patch pockets
  • Optional snap closure (none for bolero)

Skill Level: Beginner+

Sizes: 00 – 20 

Don’t want to print and tape paper together? The Aveiro Cardigan pattern now includes an additional large format file (size A0 paper) that you can send to your print shop to print!

Number of pattern pages: 35 for options (be sure to print only the option you need per the instructions)

Number of instruction pages: 20


Primary Fabric Use light-weight knit fabric with at least 50% stretch. If your knit fabric has more or less stretch, you may need to use a smaller or larger size. Jersey, sweater knit and double knit are great choices.

Interfacing Use light-weight knit or tricot fusible interfacing.

Other Material

  • Optional: 3/8“ (1 cm) snaps—10 for long bodice, 6 for regular bodice, 5 for short bodice
  • 12“ (30 cm) of 3/8“ or 1/2“ (1 cm or 1.25 cm)-wide straight fusible stay tape (or you may cut your own using light-weight woven fusible interfacing on the straight grain)


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