Baka the Hooded Blanket

$ 10.00

Brand Sew Chibi Designs

Time to cozy up! BAKA the Hooded Blanket PDF Pattern is a floor length hooded blanket that is perfect for lounging around the house with a new video game, a good book. Add-ons include puff antlers and paint on face templates! (not intended as sleepwear!) For boys and girls, ages 12M-16Y...heck, even some adults! (check the size chart to see if it could work!) 

Your Saturday morning just gained so many snuggle points. You never knew you needed one until now! Are your kids like mine: it's the weekend, they wake up groggy, shuffle over to the couch, dragging the biggest blanket they can find and curl up inside? And are you tired of dragging said blanket back to the bedroom? Well, Baka the Hooded Blanket is sure to fix your blanket woes! It's fully lined with features like a paint-on (or dark iron-on transfer) face with 20+ different features in three sizes to mix and match, button closure (or velcro closure for younger kiddos), as well as little puff antlers! Oh! *** The pattern doesn't include the little bunny and bear ears. It's a freebie when you sign up for Sew Chibi Designs newsletter on her website.

Fabric recommendations:

  •  MAIN FABRICS + LINING: fleece, sweater knits, sweatshirt fabric, minky, light-medium weight faux fur, microfiber fleece

  • ANTLER FABRICS:  light-medium weight knits: jersey, cotton/spandex blends, rayon blends

SOME TECHNIQUES MAY INCLUDE (but are not exclusive to): sewing with bulky fabric (I've made a guide for you if it's your first time sewing something like this), sewing (and turning) little puff details, careful pinning to ensure pieces match properly, tracing and painting faces (could use dark iron-on transfer paper instead), buttonhole sewing, and slip-stitching.

Notions + supplies:

For Blanket Construction:

・ universal needle 80 or 90 needle   
・ 1 button ˜5/8”-1” (˜1.5-2.5cm) OR 1” of 3/4” width sew-on velcro (2.5cm of 2cm width velcro) 
・ scraps of lightweight interfacing for buttonholes
・ small amount of polyester batting for antlers
・ (opt.) fusible fleece for antler stability
・ (opt.) walking foot

For Face Templates:

・ freezer paper
・ fabric paints
・ craft sponge brushes or paint brushes
・ iron-on transfer paper for dark or light fabrics (alternative to painting).
・ craft knife (like Exact-o) for cutting out features

Check out more versions of Baka the Hooded Blanket using the hashtags #bakathehoodedblanket and #umarupatterncollection.

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