Blue macaw mask

$ 4.00

Brand Ebony Shae Designs

Angry birds? Not really, but if you want to be Jewel from the movie Rio for a while, we can help!

Create your own, easy to sew blue macaw mask. You're friends won't believe you made it yourself! Cheap and quick gift idea, you can make it with just a few pieces of felt and some hat elastic!

Soft felt conforms to the face and sits comfortably. Elastic band at the back for a comfortable, multi-size fit. Great for make believe and dress up fun.

Difficulty Rating: Little Bit Tricky. If your idea of fixing the hem on a garment is to tape it up rather than sew it, this is definitely NOT the project for you. If the idea of lots of little pieces of felt and a project that doesn't sew up in 2 hours appeals, then have a go at this one!


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