Double Mobius Quilt Pattern

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Brand Quilting JetGirl

I created this quilt to share Amanda Herring's beautiful new fabric line, Desert Bloom. The first thing that really pulled me in about this fabric line is the name, Desert Bloom. I live right on the edge of the Mojave Desert (my husband commutes to work in the desert), and that connection spoke to me. The next thing that occurred to me is that my parents would be celebrating their wedding anniversary during the blog hop where I would unveil this quilt. I also realized that I had never in fact made and gifted a quilt to my parents.

As for the quilt design, when I was at QuiltCon in Pasadena in February, I shared a room with my mom and Renee @Quilts of a Feather. One morning, I pulled out my quilting idea sketch pad and doodled this design. I liked the connection that my mom was there with me when I designed it, and looking it over, I also liked how it felt like a modern interpretation of the double wedding ring. Because the design is a bit of a brain teaser, I chose to name the pattern Double Mobius.

"Mobius Strip: a surface with one continuous side formed by joining the ends of a rectangular strip after twisting one end through 180."

::: Sizing / Finished Measurements :::
Baby Quilt - 30 1/2" x 40 1/2"
Lap Quilt - 60 1/2" x 80 1/2"

::: Skill Level: 2 out of 5 (Confident Beginner) :::

::: Materials :::
See image of back cover for materials list in all quilt size.

::: You Will Also Need :::
Your preferred fabric marking tool

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