Dress Up Hoodie

$ 10.50

Brand Mouse House Creations

The Dress Up Hoodie is a super fun and versatile pattern for boys and girls, sized 6 months to 12 years.

As with all Mouse House Creations patterns, the downloadable PDF pattern includes full color instructions, size charts, yardage charts, printing guides, and many options.

The Dress Up Hoodie starts out with a super comfy raglan hoodie sweatshirt base that is good for every day use.  The fun comes in when you use the accessories to create a new and unique wearable costume.  These hoodies don’t need to be for just Halloween or a special occasion.  Because they are made with stretch knits, kids will love wearing these to school, shopping, and playing.

This is marked as an advanced beginner/intermediate pattern because while all of the pattern pieces are included, the user is meant to get creative and add their own embellishments on parts, such as the butterfly wings and bat cape. 

Creativity comes in with the textiles used and will make each hoodie come out differently.  You can make it as simple as possible, like a basic cat, or as advanced as possible like adding lots of piecing to the butterfly wings.  Take a peek at the tester photos for inspiration.  You can use your own skills to make even more animals, such as dog, panda, kangaroo, fox, pegasus, dragon, etc.  The hoodie and accessory pieces gives the perfect base for total creativity.

Extra materials needed, depending on the version :

  • *felt
  • *yarn
  • *small bag of fiber fill/poly fill
  • *pipe cleaners
  • *floral wire
  • *Wonder Under or other fabric adhesive
  • *2 sided fusible foam stabilizer
  • *ballpoint needles (for sewing knit)
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