Women’s Easy Tee and Dress

$ 9.95

Brand 5 Out of 4

The Women’s Easy Tee shirt, tunic, and dress is the perfect wardrobe staple.  It’s a relaxed fit t-shirt you can wear any time, any place.  No joke, I made the maternity option in a floral brushed poly and wore it as my Easter dress.  I didn’t feel the need to change clothes when I got home from church!  This pattern is incredibly quick to go together and has enough options to keep you covered all week!

Options include:

  • Shirt, Tunic, Short dress, and Knee Length Dress options
  • Hemmed or Band options for the shirt and tunic
  • Curved hem option that is in between the shirt and tunic lengths
  • Pockets for the dress options
  • Maternity pattern piece
  • Optional waist tie and breast pocket
  • Crew neck, scoop neck, or v-neck
  • Hoods for both the crew and the scoop neck versions
  • Cuffs for all sleeve lengths (sleeveless, short, 3/4, long, and extra long), including thumbhole cuffs if you want them!

The pattern pieces included are formatted for 8.5×11, A4 (typically outside of the US), and A0 printers.  Please remember to NOT use the A4 pattern unless you are located outside of the US and own an A4 printer and A4 paper.  The A0 pattern is specifically designed for large format printing.  You have permission from 5 out of 4 Patterns to have this pattern printed at your local copy shop.

The separate tutorial download includes hyperlinks to help you navigate to whichever options you’re interested in doing.  It also includes professionally drawn images for each tutorial step as well as pictures for steps that might be a little tricky.  We take great pains to make the tutorial as clear as possible!  We’ve even included links to our YouTube channel, where you can find video tutorials on certain steps.

The Women’s Easy Tee, Tunic, and Dress pattern is available for women’s sizes XXS-5XL. 

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