Fox Mask

$ 4.00

Brand Ebony Shae Designs

Foxy Loxy? You can make that!

Create your own fantastic fox mask, with this easy to follow mask sewing pattern and just a few pieces of felt and some hat elastic!

Your completed, 3d fox mask is sure to bring howls of joy and outfox everyone when they wonder how you got so clever and made it, and the kids will think you are the leader of the pack!

You will receive:
- A list of supplies you will need
- Step-by-step instructions
- Pictures for every step of the creation process
- Stitch Diagrams
- A Full-sized pattern for you to print and cut out (no re-sizing necessary)

Skill level: A Little Bit Tricky (But you can do it).

Size: Fits children 2 years + up to some adults.

Construction: Hand sewing recommended, machine sewing possible.


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