Harper Fly Suit Racer

$ 10.00

Brand Lily Sage & Co

The Harper Fly Suit may look like a simple swimsuit, but it is anything but basic! This swimsuit is best for swim practice and play. It comes in five girls (undeveloped figure) sizes. The design has been extensively tested by REAL swimmers in a REAL training setting. 

Comfort and practicality: The suit fits well and stays put with heavy activity. The back and shoulder straps have been designed to minimise pressure on the shoulder area. The straps don’t impede movement of the shoulder blades. The front neckline is attractive; neither too low nor too high. The neckline fits to the shape of the chest to minimise drag. The seams have been positioned so as to avoid underarm and neck chaffe. The back tie can be adjusted for a perfect fit.

Flattering and age appropriate: The suit looks good on and functions well in the water, without being too loose, and bulky-looking, or inappropriately skimpy. There is a good amount of bottom and hip coverage. The leg is of a lower cut design that suits an undeveloped figure, but not so low as to catch water or impede leg movement.

Recommended fabrics:
Swimsuit fabrics with 4-way stretch only
Swimwear lining with4-way stretch

3/8 inch (0.95cm) swimsuit elastic (rubber elastic is preferable over clear elastic as it lasts longer, but clear elastic works well too).
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