Hatchlings Egg Pattern

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Brand Hatchlings

Hatchlings is the world's largest Easter egg hunt! Through this addictive facebook game you can find and collect over 5,000 Hatchlings! Collect them, gift them and level up as you compete with your friends to see who can collect all 5,000+ Easter Eggs first! With new eggs added every day you'll need to hunt, collect, and trade with your friends to complete your collection. 

This downloadable PDF sewing pattern lets you design and make your own Easter eggs just like you'll find on Hatchlings. Two options are included: a striped egg (like the class Hatchlings logo egg) or a solid version that can also be embellished with the included appliques or your own design.

There is no limit to the eggs you can create out of this plush soft toy pattern. Instructions are also included on how to make various sizes of eggs.

Fabric Requirements: All styles need 1/4 yard fabric and 1 package of Fiberfill

Recommended Fabrics: Fleece, Felt, Wovens or Knits

This is a Beginner friendly pattern.

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