Hepburn Turtleneck

$ 10.00

Brand Itch to Stitch

Hepburn Turtleneck is a timeless classic that has swept worldwide since Audrey Hepburn brought it to the silver screen in the 1950s. Hepburn Turtleneck represents simplicity and elegance, and it will pair well with a variety of pants and skirts while keeping you cozy on chilly days.

Hepburn Turtleneck Features:
-Options for long and three-quarter sleeves
-Double-layered turtleneck
-Close-fitting to accentuate your figure
-Layers feature–print only the sizes you need

Skill Level: Beginner+

Sizes: 00 – 20

Size Chart: see photo.

Primary Fabric: Use a light to medium-weight knit fabric with at least 100% 2-way or 4-way stretch and great recovery. Rib knit, jersey and sweater knit are great choices. If you use fabric with less stretch, you may choose a larger size. Conversely, if you use fabric with more stretch, you may choose a smaller size.

Other Material
-15” (38 cm) of clear elastic to stabilize shoulder seams

-Ball-point or stretch machine needles
-Walking foot for your sewing machine (optional)
-Serger machine (optional)
-Cover stitch machine to finish your hems (optional)
-Twin needles to finish your hems (optional)
-Wooly nylon threads to finish your hems (optional)

Don’t want to print and tape paper together? Hepburn Turtleneck pattern now includes an additional large format file that you can send to your print shop to print!

Number of pattern pages: 21 (on A4 or Letter Size Paper)
Number of instruction pages: 9

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