Knit Tricks! E-Book

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Brand C&T Publishing

KNIT TRICKS! - Easy Shaping Techniques, by Rebecca Wat


You've Never Knitted Rectangles Like These Before!

• Easy techniques turn knitted rectangles into 25 elegant garments and accessories
• Shape garments and create beautiful details without increasing or decreasing stitches!
• Patterns work for plus sizes

Use Rebecca's inventive methods to transform the simplest knitted shape into elegant ponchos, shrugs, vests, tops, scarves, gloves, and bags. Many of the projects in the book are worked in surprising ways you've never tried before: top down, sideways, sleeve first, and even border first. And you do it all without increasing or decreasing your stitches! Simple beading, ribbons, and easy embellishments add the perfect finishing touches.

98p color
print on demand edition
ISBN: 978-1-57120-459-2
(eISBN: 978-1-57120-969-6)

This is an E-Book.

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