Ninja Pants – Leggings for Women

$ 9.95

Brand 5 Out of 4

The Ninja Pants might *just* be leggings, but they are really so much more than *just* leggings.  The Ninja Pants offer:

  • Sizes XXS-5XL included;
  • 4 rise heights, including a maternity rise;
  • 7 length options, including 2″, 5″, 7″, pedal pusher (13″), capri, ankle length, and long (for all the tall sisters);
  • Optional ID pocket that attaches to the inside of the waistband; and a
  • FULL gusset.

What’s the big deal about a gusset?  More support for all sorts of ninja skills.  No need to worry about split seams or chafing intersections.  Once you sew in a gusset, you’ll be hooked for life.

As always, the Ninja Pants downloads include pattern pieces for 8.5×11, A4, and A0 (copy shop).  PLEASE only use the A4 formatted file if you are living somewhere (typically NOT in the US) where you have an A4 printer and A4 paper!!  Sizes included in the PDF pattern (THIS IS NOT A FINISHED PRODUCT!) are XXS-5XL.  You can see fabric requirements and a size chart in the last picture.

So what are you waiting for?  Spend an hour sewing up your Ninja Pants and then get ready to kick some booty.  Sure, sure, all I do is chase the bus, chase the kids, chase the dog, close car doors while my hands are full, fight bad guys, complete my taxes, and a host of other seemingly *safe* activities, but now I can do it in style and feeling pretty awesome.

Are you looking to match you daughter?  The Girls’ Shenanigans Skort comes with full length leggings! 

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