Omni Tempore Child Sweatshirt

$ 8.95

Brand Sofilantjes

This is a shirt every boy or girl must have. It is fun, relaxed and cool! Depending on the print of the fabric, he can wear this to any occasion.The pattern is designed for knit fabrics. The collar or hoodie is overlapping in the front. You can choose between cuffed or hemmed sleevs, short or long. And there is a front pocket option with a waistband option.

You can even make this shirt for your skinny child. The pattern explains you how to lengthen both sleeves and bodice to make it the perfect shirt.

One more plus, it is beginner friendly. Not only is it easy to make, it also takes you about an hour to create it (depending on your sewing skills).

You get:
– sizes 12 months to 14 years (80 to 164).
– imperial (inch) and metric (cm) charts
– seam allowance is included.
– 19 page instructions with illustrations and pictures
– 23 page pattern
– the option to only print the size you need (Acrobat reader layered option)
– pattern layout
– fabric chart
– finished measurement chart

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