Outlined Plus

$ 10.00

Brand Meadow Mist Designs

Outlined Plus is a fun take on a classic plus sign block. The pattern contains fabric requirements and cutting instructions to make:

- each section (plus, outline, and background) using different fabrics in each block for a scrappy look.
- each of the block sections from a single fabric.

You can mix and match the instructions to customize your quilt. For example, to make Jackie’s cover version, you would use the single fabric instructions for the plus section and the multi-fabric instructions for the outline and background sections.

The quilt pattern includes instructions for 5 sized quilted - baby, lap, twin, queen, and king sizes.
Baby quilt: 36 ½ ” x 36 ½”
Lap Quilt: 60 ½ ” x x 72 ½”
Twin Quilt: 72 ½ ” x 84 ½”
Queen Quilt: 96 ½” x 96 ½”
King Quilt: 108 ½” x 108 ½”
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