Phoenix Plush Toy

$ 5.00

Brand Sew Desu Ne?

This listing is for a .pdf instant download of a plush sewing pattern, made to look like a Phoenix, that is the legendary bird of flames and rebirth from Greek myth. The body is a cuter, chubbier version of the original, with a large head, tri-colored fan tail, head crest, and detailed wings. If you love Harry Potter or just fantasy and fairy tales in general this little bird is sure to strike a chord with you.

It is sewing pattern with complete instructions to create the plush from start to finish -- including step-by-step photos and a printable pattern. It includes extra info on choosing fabrics, tools to get started, printing your pattern, and cutting your fabric. This project is not recommended for absolute beginners, but I do my best to explain everything in detail for rogue novices that want a challenge :)

Pattern info:
› Difficulty: ALMOST INTERMEDIATE (4/10 stars)
› Skills used: Fusible web applique, sewing tiny pieces, darts, curved sewing, ladder stitch, gathering stitch, backstitch or whipstitch
› Finished size: one plush, 5" wide, 5" long (7" if you include tail), and 8" tall
› Materials: 1/4 yd each of red, orange, and yellow main fabric (stretchy fabric recommended), scraps of orange, yellow, and white applique fabric for details, scrap of cotton or thin fabric for poly pellet pouch
› Tools: Basic sewing kit (sewing machine, pins, iron, scissors, needles, fabric marker, seam ripper, point turner or chopstick)
› Notions: Fusible web, thread, batting, polly pellets, spoon or funnel for filling poly pellets
› 24 pages
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