Racetrack Quilt

$ 10.00

Brand Quilting JetGirl

Skill Level: 3 out of 5 (Intermediate)

The inspiration for the Racetrack quilt came while I was looking at a digital display that marks how far around a quarter-mile “track” I had walked on a treadmill. I watch the blinking digit march around those laps a lot during the year, and I thought it might be really appropriate to make a quilt that would be a nod to all the miles we all put on our feet during the year. Because what better way to relax, put your feet up, and thank your body for its efforts than by lounging underneath a quilt, right?

The pattern has options for 5 different quilt sizes: baby, lap, throw, twin, and queen. The steps have side-by-side illustrations, and I am excited to also share several alternate layout ideas with you (check out the 3 page preview for alternate ideas)!

The Racetrack pattern utilizes a wide range of fabric pieces (the smallest at 1 ½-inch square) to create a 16-inch square finished block. The ability to piece precise / consistent quarter inch seam allowances is a key skill to have mastered before embarking on this pattern.

Baby Quilt: 32" by 48"
Lap Quilt: 48" by 64"
Throw Quilt: 64" by 80"
Twin Quilt: 80" by 96"
Queen Quilt: 96" by 96"

Pattern Written by Yvonne Fuchs aka Quilting Jetgirl.

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