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Starfish sewing Pattern, Pin cushion pattern, finished size is approx 40cm (16”)
Quick to make. Ideal for beginners and experienced sewers alike 


• Full size pattern (no scaling required) with a seam allowance already added
Just download, print and cut out the pattern.
• Detailed, easy to follow, step by step, well illustrated instructions.
• A list of material required
• Bonus: free booklet with Hints and Tips about making soft toys

You can use any fabric to make your Star. Be as creative as you like. We used wool felt but you can use whichever materials you like, cotton, Linen, plush, minky, etc

You will need:
  • sewing machine, thread, toy stuffing, scissors
  • Main Fabric: 1/2 yard of cotton is more than enough (a half yard is typically 46 cm x 112cm (18“x44” ). If using wool felt 50cm x 91cm (20x36”)
  • Felt for the spines and centre plug 55cm x 15cm (22”x6”)

Crafty Kooka is an authentic cottage industry. All our indie sewing patterns are completely unique. We design and test all our own patterns in our workshop in rural Ireland.

Skill level: confident beginner

Terms and Conditions of use:
All patterns and associated work are the sole intelectual property of 
Dermot O’Grady trading as crafty kooka. Small scale Cottage Industry Crafters are very welcome to make and re-sell the finished soft toy, if you follow the terms and conditions:
1- Each individual person making a Crafty Kooka soft toy should buy their own pattern. 
2 --The sewing pattern cannot be shared, re-sold or forwarded to anyone, or reproduced in any way. By doing this you are engaging in theft.
3- You are not allowed to make design modifications to the patterns or alter it in any way but are welcome to enlarge/decrease as needed as well as using your own creativity when creating the eyes, smiles, noses and final touches.
4- You are not allowed to modify a pattern and then claim it as original work that you have designed. You are not allowed to use parts of a pattern (eg arms, legs, torso, head) and then claim this is original work that you have designed. 
You are not allowed to make patterns based on my finished design and and then claim this is original work that you have designed. by doing any of these you are engaging in Intellectual property (IP) theft. Derivitave work (work based on an original design by me Dermot O’Grady) of any kind is not permitted unless an 
agreement has been entered into with me Dermot O’Grady the designer.
5- You give credit to Crafty Kooka: 
Online shops must clearly state a crafty kooka pattern was used and give credit, whether this is Etsy, instagram, facebook etc or your own company website. You should provide a link back to our store. Do this by copy and 
pasting this link onto your listing -->
For sales in person, please add to your label or tags stating clearly that the product was “made with a Crafty Kooka pattern”. 
6-We do not offer our patterns for mass production. The item must be hand made. In accordance with the terms and conditions stated herein. i.e. defined as, but not limited to, manufacturing large quantities of items in assembly line form.
7-You are not allowed to use name “crafty kooka” in any product title, description, tag, or listing without prior written consent.
8-PHOTOS You are not allowed to use or copy any images or photos from our shop or website unless an agreement has been entered into with me Dermot O’Grady the designer. Our Photos can be used on your blog or social media site but crafty kooka or me Dermot O’Grady must be clearly credited and contain a direct link to our shop -->
Photo or images of a finished toy made from a crafty kooka pattern should only be used for the purpose of advertising the sale of the finished toy. 
Photos of the finished toy may not be reproduced in any other media without written consent from the designer, me Dermot O’Grady. You must not use any photos or images from crafty kooka for your own products for example prints, film and television etc.
Workshops and teaching: If you use our patterns for a workshop, each student will need a purchased their own copy. You must not share a single pattern. By sharing a pattern you are engaging in theft.

We reserve the right to make changes to this Policies page at any time without notice. Your use of any pattern following any such change constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by the terms of the updated Policies page as changed. 

We feel we are a family and a community of crafters. and we expect the members of our community to treat everybody else with the respect they themselves expect. We thank all of our customers in advance.

All rights reserved, subject to Terms and conditions of Use - Copyright
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