Tiled Parquet

$ 3.00

Brand Quilt Theory

Tiled Parquet creates a stunning X block pattern with a twist. The design creates a fun swirling pattern in the background, and with tonal fabric selection has a very 3D effect.

48″ x 64″ quilt
Designed by: Yvonne Fuchs

Materials Needed:
-1 1/4 yards Fabric A (Kona Salmon)
-7/8 yard Fabric B (Kona Peach)
-1 1/8 yard Fabric C (Kona Aloe)
-1 1/8 yard Fabric D (Kona Ice Frappe)
-7/8 yard Fabric E (Kona Coal)
-1/2 yard binding
-3 1/4 yards backing

Fabric is Kona Cotton Solids by Robert Kaufman. Proudly made with Aurifil thread.

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