Twirl to Me Dress

$ 10.00

Brand Lily Sage & Co

The Twirl To Me dress sewing pattern allows you to make a flared, trapeze dress. The back of the dress is slightly longer than the front and is designed to be maxi length with a cutting line to make it easy for you to shorten and lengthen as desired. On children of average height, the longer length will land at the ankles from the back, in a true maxi length. For taller than average girls, the hem will sit higher, at a midi length.

The dress has a front and back yoke. The back yoke is fastened with buttons and the shoulder strap is not sewn to the front of the dress.

There are two options for fastening the strap to the front yoke:

BOW option: The shoulder strap is pulled over the shoulders and the center point is inserted through a hole in the front of the dress to form a small loop. The bow is inserted through this loop.

BUTTON option: Two shoulder straps are cut instead of one. They are overlapped at the end and a button is stitched on them to fasten through the same bow/buttonhole.

Recommended Fabrics

Light to medium weight woven fabrics including quilting weight cotton, poplin, cotton shirting, lightweight denim, dupioni silk, taffeta, and linen. Extra fabric may be needed to match plaids, stripes or directional prints.

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